July 2, 2021

Flash Point R/C diff fluids

Flash Point R/C is expanding their product line with six new diff fluids. They are now offering 200K, 300K, 500K, 750K, 1 million, 1.5 million and 2 million diff fluids. Made from 100% pure silicone oil they will stay consistent during long main events. The 75ml bottle uses a flip top cap to insure no leaks during storage and travel.

Source: Flash Point [flashpointrc.com]

June 6, 2020

Flash Point R/C FP02 competition nitro engine

Flash Point R/C have announced their new FP02 competition nitro engine. The FP02 uses a long stroke design that provides amazing power and great fuel consumption. Based off the Spec 2 configuration, the FP02 now features a DLC coated crankshaft, black case, and black 21J carburettor. The FP02 is a great choice for use in nitro buggy and truck applications providing exceptional low to mid-range torque. Available as a stand alone engine or as a set with FP2500 tuned pipe.

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October 17, 2019

Flash Point R/C MBX8 1-piece wing button

Coming from Flash Point R/C is a new 1-piece wing button for the Mugen MBX8, Team Associated RC8B3.1, and Xray XB8. An alternative to the stock plastic two-piece wing buttons the part is manufactured in the U.S.A. from 3mm aluminium sheet, anodised black, and machined with the FP logo. It is lightweight, durable, and helps support the wing during hard impacts all while making wing mounting a little bit easier to to less parts being used.

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August 20, 2019

Flashpoint RC 2-in-1 starter box mounts

New from Flashpoint RC for the Mugen Seiki starter box is this 2-in-1 starter box mount for the MBX8 and MBX8T. Mount the set directly to your starter box, also a direct fit for the Protek starter box, and the system allows the user to easily switch between starting both types of car simply by turning the quick adjust rear mounts 180 degrees. Made from high quality aluminium, the mounts remove the need to have separate boxes for each car, saving money and space in your pit bag. Comes supplied with all the hardware needed to mount them.

View more images & video from Adam Drake outlining the system

June 1, 2018

Flash Point R/C 16mm shock bladders

New from Flash Point R/C are 16mm shock bladder that are compatible with most major brands including Mugen Seiki, Kyosho, Xray, TLR, and Serpent. The volume compensators feature a reinforced web design that allow the bladder to hold their shape in the most extreme conditions. This will provide more consistent handling help improve the stability when landing large jumps.

Source: Flash Point R/C [flashpointrc.com]

May 29, 2018

Flash Point R/C FP01 nitro off-road engine

Flash Point R/C have announced the release of their new FP01 nitro off-road engine. The power plant uses a long stroke design that provides exceptional power and fuel consumption, making it the ideal choice for use in nitro buggy and truck applications thanks to lots of low to mid-range torque. The 3-power engine is fitted with a lower centre of gravity cooling head, a silicone-filled crankshaft with tungsten counterweight and a reliable 21J carburettor with 7mm restrictor. The engine is available in several configurations including variants with full steel ball races or ceramic main bearing and it comes as engine only or including the FP2500 tuned pipe.

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April 13, 2018

Flash Point EFRA 2146 exhaust system

Coming from Flash Point R/C is a new tuned exhaust system for O.S. based off-road engines. The EFRA 2146 pipe features a durable chrome finish and a sturdy, forward-facing welded pressure nipple and the complete exhaust system includes the EFRA 2146 pipe, FP50 manifold, exhaust gasket, and springs.

Source: Flash Point [flashpointrc.com]

April 6, 2018

Mugen & Flash Point pit bags

Mugen Seiki have introduced their new Mugen and Flash Point branded pit bags. Both are made of durable heavy duty material, they feature a padded handle for easy carrying and multiple pockets and compartments to store tools, spares and accessories such as a starter box, fuel bottles, fuel guns and many more. The bag can be disassembled for travelling and it comes with either Mugen Seiki or Flash Point graphics.

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