November 22, 2022

Futaba HPS-CB701 Nitro servo

Futaba has just introduced this new HPS-CB701 servo which is intended for nitro buggy and car use.  The HPS servo series achieves amazing torque and low power consumption and is UR (Ultra Response) mode compatible.  Featuring a 3 piece all aluminium casing, it features metal 1-3 stage gear and a metal final stage gear.

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April 13, 2022

Arena RC Futaba transmitter carbon handle

Arena RC Racing have produced this carbon handle for the Futaba 10PX, 7PX, 7PXLE, 7PXR & 4PM transmitters. Machined from 3mm carbon fibre, it is lightweight and the edges feature a machined chamfer for a smoother finish and more comfortable feel.

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November 11, 2021

Futaba T10PX transmitter

Futaba have released the latest iteration of the flagship 7PX series transmitter, the new T10PX. Featuring Futaba’s new 4th generation F-4G communication system, the response times have been greatly improved. Furthermore, telemetry communication, which was not possible with T-FHSS SR communication, can now be used. The radio also now features a new function called ‘Feeling’ that feels like it suits each driver. Finally, it now supports up to 10 channels.

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March 23, 2021

Futaba HPS-CB500 servo

Futaba have released their new HPS-CB500 servo, based on the popular Super Response HPS-CB700. Unlike the CB700, this version utilises plastic in place of an all alloy case, and the torque is lower at 26.9kg/cm at 7.4v but the rest of internals are the same with full metal gears and the company’s HPS motor technology for low power consumption and lower operation temperatures.

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December 10, 2019

Futaba 7PXR 7-channel high-end radio system

Futaba have announced the soon release of their new 7PXR 7-channel top of the food chain radio system. Based off of the popular 7PX the R variant features several updates such as new home and menu buttons, an optimised weight balance for effortless handling even during long mains, and new carbon-reinforced steering and rear housing parts. By the use of red-anodised aluminium screws the weight was further reduced – and visual impact greatly improved – while a new-shape throttle trigger and brake lever improve the throttle and brake feeling. An “R” specific display design and background colour function as well as the included 1100mAh LiFe battery round out the 7PXR package. Other features such as the 4.3 inch full-colour LCD display, telemetry functions, MicroSD card slot and more have been taken over from the previous radio. The “R” is available as a set with one or two R334SBS or R334SBS-E T-FHSS SR receivers.

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November 27, 2019

Futaba HPS CT700 high-performance servo

German Futaba distributors ACT Europe have introduced the new HPS CT700 high-performance servo. Featuring a machined all-metal case and all-metal gears, the servo was designed especially for the use in RC cars where the efficient HPS brushless motor ensures a cooler running servo and less power consumption. Offering a speed of down to 0.07s and a torque of up to 30kg-cm the servo measures 40.5 x 21.0 x 26.2mm and it weighs in at 54g. It is Furaba S.Bus2 and SR-Mode compatible, allowing to use the fastest transmission modes on the Futaba T7XC, T7PX and T4PM radios. An all-black receiver wire makes for a stealthy factory appearance.

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November 13, 2019

JConcepts Finish Line radio bags

JConcepts have introduced their new Finish Line series radio bags for many top of the line transmitters. The new Finish Line radio carrier with outer woven fabric gives it a very luxurious look at first glance, however, the handy new item is designed with travel, cushion, ease of use and protection in mind. The lightweight design consists of a woven fabric outer bag which has a convenient and easy access zipper closure and inside has a Velcro closure pouch for additional easy access items. Inside, a high-density, form fitted foam, pre-cut for the radio of choice cushions all sides of the pricey possession. The bag is travel friendly and sized to fit inside most luggage or racing carrier bags. The JConcepts Finish Line logo is boastfully embroidered on the front to showcase this exclusive looking design. The bags are available for Sanwa M17, Sanwa MT44, and Futaba 7PX radios.

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November 6, 2019

Klinik RC wireless transmitter charging system

Klinik RC have introduced their are wireless transmitter charging system for Futaba, KO Propo and Sanwa transmitters. Designed to work with the most common transmitters on the market, Klinik RC have started with a blank slate and spent several months developing the correct charging pad, receiver coil and micro chip processors for safe, reliable and true balance charging. The designers engineered the charging coil to the smallest sizes possible. Measuring less than 1mm thick over most of the surface ensures it will fit very easily inside any battery compartment. The radio can easily stay topped off during any race day simply by placing on the pad between heats. Installation takes only a few minutes on average with no tools required. All that is needed is an available USB charge port, featured on most chargers and power supplies today, and a balance plug when using a 2S LiPo system. The charging system will work with all common transmitter batteries on the market regardless of capacity, all that is required is a battery with a standard JST-XH balance plug.

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