June 25, 2021

FX release further details on the K303

Having previously teased the new K303 engine, FX have released some further details on this new .21 buggy motor. With a focus on longer runtime, this 3-port motor has a DLC coated crankshaft which has been balanced with two tungsten inserts and comes as standard with a ceramic rear bearing. Externally the biggest change over its predecessor is the 9-rib cooling head.

Source: FX Engines [fx-engines.com]

June 21, 2021

FX Engines tease new K303 motor

The new motors continue to come from FX Engines with another new teaser, this time for the K303. Again we have little information to go on, however the name would suggest a follow up to the previous K302.1 3-port buggy engine, while the silhouette also points to a new cooling head. We will know more soon enough.

Source: FX Engines [fx-engines.com]

May 31, 2021

FX G501 Engine follow-up teaser

Having teased the G501 engines last week, FX Engines have released the complete feature list for this GT class specific .21 engine. Specially modified and tuned for the GT class, as the name also hinted it, it is confirmed to be a 5 port engine, with a DLC coated and 3c tungsten balanced crankshaft. This motor will sport a rear ceramic bearing and be supplied with 7mm venturi.

Source: FX Engines [fx-engines.com]

May 26, 2021

FX Engines tease new G501 motor

More teasers from FX Engines, this time for the G501. Again we have little to no further information to go on, the name would suggest a 5 port engine, while the G could mean that it is specific to the GT class. We will know more soon enough.

Source: FX Engines [fx-engines.com]

May 24, 2021

FX Engines continue to tease T300 engine

Following the earlier teaser for the upcoming T300 1/10 touring engine, FX Engines continue to tease the details but give much more information ahead of its official release. As the graphic says it will be a 3 + 1 ports engine with DLC coated and tungsten balanced crankshaft and as is standard for FX, the sleeve and piston set are selected and hand matched as well as lapped for easier and faster break-in.

Source: FX Engines [fx-engines.com]

May 19, 2021

FX Engines tease new T300 engine

FX Engines are teasing their new 1/10 touring car engine which they are calling the T300. Made in-house at the Xray factory, no further details or specifications were announced so we will just have to wait for the full release coming soon.

Source: FX Engines [fx-engines.com]

January 15, 2021

Ty Tessmann powered by FX Engines

FX Engines have announced that Ty Tessmann will be running their engines. As one of the world’s top off-road drivers, Ty has captured multiple US ROAR Championships and an IFMAR World Championship, and FX is thrilled to welcome Ty to the FX team. On the deal Ty Tessmann said:

I am excited to be running the FX engines, these engines are produced with the same high quality and attention to detail that everything the Hudy family makes has. During my time testing I was very impressed with the performance and the feel of the engines, with an amazing linear power band that suits my driving perfectly, I know these engines will be a great fit for me. I know that Juraj Hudy and Martin Bayer have worked very hard to make the FX engines the best there is and I will do my best to showcase what these engines are capable of.

Source: FX Engines [fx-engines.com]

March 29, 2019

FX Engines K301 EC 3-port engine

FX Engines have introduced their new K301 EC engine, an upgraded variant of the K301. The European Champion K301 EC is based on the K301 engine and incorporates numerous improvements and refinements with focus on maximum bottom and top-end power. The 3-port engine features a ceramic main bearing and a DLC-coated, tungsten-balanced and silicone-filled crankshaft. The sleeve and piston set were specially selected and matched. The engine features 10-rib engine head and significant improvements were incorporated in the production and assembly processes, with new and even more precise quality inspection. All parts are individually measured and specially selected and matched to increase engine reliability, performance, and quality. Each engine includes a manufacturing certificate that records all important serial numbers and measurements so that, at any time, all details of the production – material batch, machine programs, responsible craftsperson, and production dates – can be traced back to the beginning.

View lists of the features and specifications here