May 22, 2023

Gens Ace to power Nicholas Lee

Gens Ace batteries have announced that Nicholas Lee has officially teamed up with the Gens Ace Factory Racing Team where he will join Yokomo team-mate Christopher Krapp.  The multiple IFMAR ISTC World Championship Finalist and 2017 TITC Runner up will compete in Modified and Stock Touring Car, with his main focus being on the Modified class.  Commenting on joining Gens Ace, the Singapore driver said, “I ́m happy and delighted to announce that I have joined Gens Ace and will be using their powerful Redline batteries in all my cars.  I’m well aware of their excellent quality as I’ve won my first big event with them at the 2013 TITC in the open boosted class. I am looking forward to racing with the Redline batteries. Thank you to everyone at Gens Ace for this opportunity.”

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November 18, 2022

GensAce announce Krapp joins team

GensAce batteries have announced 2022 ISTC World Championship runner-up Christopher Krapp has officially joined the GensAce Factory Racing Team.  Comment on the new deal the factory Yokomo driver said: “I am happy to announce to work with GensAce and help promote and develop their high quality products. I already knew their batteries pretty well from my teammates and was impressed from their quality. I can’t wait to use them in competition! Specially I want to thank Yan and Nick for the opportunity!”

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March 16, 2020

Jörn Neumann signs with Gens Ace

Gens Ace have announced the addition of IFMAR World and 8-times EFRA European Champion, Jörn Neumann to their factory team. The SWorkz and Schumacher factory pilot will be using Gens Ace Redline batteries during his campaign that will see attendances at all major national and international race events.

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March 21, 2019

Haifeng Wang joins Gens Ace racing team

Gens Ace have announced the signing of Haifeng Wang (aka Motor King) to their racing team. Haifeng Wang is considered as one of the best RC drivers from China, with 7 1/10 Chinese national titles, 6 time Hobbywing Cup Champion, Tamiya Asian Cup 4WD GT Champion and TITC stock class champion. In 2019 season, he will use Gens Ace batteries in all major Asian events as well as international races. Haifeng said ‘I’m very happy to join in Gens ACE racing team, with latest racing performance LIPO development from the factory, I’m excited to pursue more titles in 2019 season.’

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January 31, 2018

Gens Ace 2018 RS LiHV battery range

Gens Ace have introduced their updated RS LiHV battery range for 1/10th and 1/8th competition applications. Made for the ever growing Stock classes is a 7500mAh LiHV pack of standard 25mm height and with a weight of 310g. It is complemented by a 6000mAh LCG battery of 22.5mm height and a weight of 265g. The 6000mAh variant comes in the new 47-series hardcase while the 7500mAh battery is wrapped by the 49-series case, both of which utilise 5mm bullet-type connectors and high-performance 100C cells. Next up are a 5500mAh Stock shorty and a 5000mAh Modified class shorty battery, both are built using high-quality 100C LiHV cells and standard 96x47x25mm cases. The 5000mAh battery however uses 5mm connectors while the 5500mAh pack sports smaller 4mm connector tubes. Last but not least comes a dedicated 4S 1/8th class battery with 6750mAh capacity. The LiHV pack is built using high-quality cells, it utilises 5mm tube-type connectors and weighs in at 584g. All batteries are EFRA legal and will hit stores from March.

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October 30, 2017

Gens Ace TS Line competition LiPo battery packs

Coming from Gens Ace is the new TS Line competition LiPo battery range. Distributed exclusively by Tonisport, the batteries will be available in a range of specifications including standard size and standard voltage 7300mAh and 6800mAh packs, and also as standard length high voltage 5800mAh LCG LiHV pack. All are made of high-performance 120C cells. Also coming are a standard voltage 4400mAh/100C shorty and a 4700mA/100C LiHV shorty battery pack. The batteries will hit stores in December.

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October 28, 2017

Christian Donath joins Gensace

Gensace have announced the signing of Germany’s Christian Donath to their team. Winner of last season’s fifth round of the ETS and a contender for last year’s ETS Stock championships, Christian will use the company’s competition LiPo batteries from now on and he had the following to say:

“Want to thank Gensace for the offer 2017/2018 to use their batteries. I was looking for something new and Ii know that Gensace is coming with some new batteries for this and next year. Thank you very much to Mr. Oliver Jang and Titan Chan from Gensace. Looking forward to the next races.”

August 12, 2016

Viktor Wilck teams up with Gens Ace

Viktor Wilck teams up with Gens Ace

Gens Ace have announced the signing of 6-times Swedish National Champion, Viktor Wilck to their factory team. The Serpent team driver will use the company’s high-performance batteries from how on and he joins Gens Ace’s other high-class drivers such as Marc Fischer and David Ehrbar. Viktor’s first outing for his new power suppliers will be the forthcoming IFMAR World Championships in Beijing, China.

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