July 18, 2019

Gravity RC Eco 1/10th buggy tyre tube

Gravity RC have introduced their all-new Eco tyre tube for 1/10th scale buggy tyres. Whether it is RC or full-scale auto racing, tyres are king. In today’s landscape of aggressive chassis design and car set up, drivers spend a lot of time getting the tyres right to achieve the level of grip necessary on dirt for the car to perform. Often overlooked however is the correct storage of the black gold. This is where the Eco tyre tubes kick in. This controlled tyre storage system includes a cap on each tube that has an intergraded temperature and humidity sensor, allowing to monitor tyre conditions over long storage periods. Also included is a humidity pod which can be used to increase the humidity and the tubes are labeled so drivers can track their tyre’s life and usage, keeping them on top of their game.

Source: Gravity RC [teamgravityrc.com]

July 30, 2018

Gravity RC G-Spec 1/12th scale spec tyres

Coming from Gravity RC are their new G-Spec spec tyres for 1/12th scale racing. They sport a white stripe for easy identification, ideal for club racing or series with hand-out tyres, and the fronts are made using ultra-dense foam for lower wear and improved handling. The tyres come in complete sets of four and also as separate front or rear pairs.

Source: Gravity RC [teamgravityrc.com]

February 20, 2018

Gravity RC Pit Locker race day organiser

Gravity RC have introduced their new Pit Locker race day organiser, an all-in-one paddock-style parts tray and shock stand. The 3-D-printed item is designed to keep things sorted on race day, such as go-to tuning options and routine pit parts like body clips, wheel nuts and shims, keeping them accessible and organised right in the pit. The Pit Locker combines three useful pit features into one with a small to med size parts storage, parts tray, and shock stand. The item is only available in limited quantity due to very high print time.

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November 27, 2017

Gravity RC G-Spec Type F touring car foam tyres

Developed by Drew Ellis and Paul Lemieux are the new Gravity RC G-Spec Type F touring car foam tyres. A specially selected foam compound and wheel make it a true spec foam tyre for touring cars on both asphalt and carpet. Its ultra dense front foam and firm rear foam makes for very little tyre wear and great handling while the nylon spoke wheel is both racy and sturdy. The Type-F tyres were used at last weekend’s indoor champs in Cleveland, Ohio to provide an exhibition class for the event. The class was TQ’d by Xray’s Paul Lemieux and won by Team Associated’s Kevin Hebert. Both drivers used out of the package tyres with Paul even using his exact same car from the rubber tyre class with only adding rear camber to set the fastest laps of the weekend.

Source: Gravity RC [teamgravityrc.com]

October 8, 2017

Gravity RC offroad ride height dice

New from Gravity RC are these offroad ride height dice, a simple and easy way to get your target ride height. Sold in a set of 3, the number facing up is the measurement (17-25mm) with each dice is 3D printed at a very high resolution to ensure its accuracy.

Source: Gravity RC [teamgravityrc.com]

March 27, 2017

Gravity RC Touring Car Sidewall Glue Trace kit

Gravity RC have introduced the Touring Car Sidewall Glue Trace kit. The set is used to consistently mark the sidewall of front touring car tyres in preparation for CA glue application, which is used to help prevent grip rolling on carpet. Tracing the outside of the disk with the included paint marker provides you with a consistent and defined line which serves as a visual boundary while applying CA glue up the sidewall. The 58.5mm disc is the recommended trace for lower grip conditions while the 59.5mm disc is the recommended trace for medium to high grip conditions. Included in the kit is one 58.5mm disc, one 59.5mm disk, one silver paint marker, as well as a fastener to secure the disc to the outside of the tyre.

Source: Gravity RC [teamgravityrc.com]

February 27, 2017

Gravity RC B64 2mm diff shim

Gravity RC have introduced a new optional part for Team Associated’s B64 4WD off-road buggy in the form of a 2mm diff shim. The 3-D-printed part is conventionally used to raise the rear differential of the B64 buggy. The increased height of the diff will result in a more conventional dog bone angle at the desired ride height and will increase grip and overall consistency. The part is especially recommended in the rear, but also applicable for the front.

Source: Gravity RC [teamgravityrc.com]

August 28, 2016

Gravity RC Wheel Well Tracing kit

Gravity RC Wheel Well Tracing kit

Coming from Gravity RC is the Wheel Well Tracing kit. It is designed to make cutting touring car wheel wells easy and accurate. Simply cut a small slot in the body’s wheel well, thread on the included axle extension and secure the tracing plate to the axle extension. the 63mm trace plate will now be on the outside of the body and perfectly placed to trace the wheel well around it with a marker. The kit includes two axle extensions and two tracing plates.

Source: Gravity RC [teamgravityrc.com]