October 26, 2011

HPI V2 short course wheels

The new V2 short course wheel range from HPI simplifies tire assembly and adds extra tuning power to your racing arsenal. This new design uses the same HPI and HB tires and foams that fit the original HPI short course wheels and have the added advantage of increased outer sidewall stiffness for better traction and handling in the turns and curves of your local off-road track.

Source: HPI [hpieurope.com]

August 18, 2010

Pro-Line Desert Rat 2.0 for Blitz

New for HPI Blitz owners, Pro-Line have released the Desert Rat 2.0 designed exclusively for the Blitz that maintains all the design queues required to maximize performance while keeping your SC looking sharp. Featuring bold off-road Short Course (SC) styling, it has been made made with Crystal Clear Genuine GE Lexan and comes supplied with a detail decal sheet and window mask.

View more images of the shell here

April 21, 2010

Hot Bodies short course tires

Hot Bodies have released their complete range of pink compound short course tires. First up, the Megabite are fantastic mini-pin tires that are suitable for hard & dry off-road surfaces such as hard-packed clay, including blue groove, light dust conditions and regular clay and also work awesome indoors.  Next up the Rodeoo, stays true to the realistic short course truck appearance, these tires have a spec appearance but boast HB’s exclusive Pink compound that is far superior to any spec tire available. Megagrid tires are suitable for a wide variety of off-road and on-road surfaces including loose topsoil right on down to hard-pack. This is their most versatile tire and should be used when you go to a new track because it will be a good starting point everywhere. Finally, Beams tires are suitable for hard & dry off-road surfaces such as hard-packed clay and blue groove high bite conditions. These tires also work great on indoor tracks.

View the other tire patterns here

April 9, 2009

Hot Bodies DSJ-1SS & DSJ-2ST digital servos

Hot Bodies DSJ-1SS & DSJ-2ST digital servos

As seen at the toy fair in February, Hot Bodies have released their digital servos, which combine speed, reliability and toughness in one highly efficient unit. Available in two dialled-in versions, both are very strong yet fast, but the DSJ-1SS is fastest with an amazing transit time of 0.06 seconds per centimeter of movement with a strength of 13kg per cm, while the DSJ-2ST is nearly as fast at 0.09 seconds per centimeter, but has a whopping 16kg per cm of holding power.

Click here to see the DSJ-2ST