January 22, 2014

Hype X-200 Touch DC charger

Hype X-200 Touch DC charger

Hype introduce the X-200 Touch 200W DC multi-chemistry charger. The main feature of the device is the large 96x54mm touch sensitive colour display to control and monitor all relevant charging and discharging parameters. Offering a multi-language menu the charger is designed for the use with up to 6 cell LiXX and up to 16 cell NiXX packs as well as Lead-Acid batteries. A maximum charge current of 10A makes for low charging times while the X-200 also offers a 3A discharge function. An integrated LiPo balancer and special modes for all battery types round out the package.

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November 16, 2011

Hype Battery Analyzer


The Hype Battery Analyzer measures the condition of LiXX and NiXX batteries fast and easy. The unit offers both a balancer connector for 2S to 7S LiXX and a standard JR connector for 4 to 7 cell NiXX packs. Three buttons help to navigate through the menu that allows for measuring the overall voltage, remaining capacity, single cell voltage, lowest cell voltage, highest cell voltage and voltage difference between the highest and lowest cell. The data is displayed on a large LC display.

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September 6, 2010

Hype RC 1/10 motor cooling systems

Hype RC 1/10 motor cooling systems

New from Hype RC are these 1/10th motor cooling systems for electric motors with cans of 36mm or 44mm diameter. The orange anodised heat sink is supplied with a cooling fan that operates on 5V to 7.2V.

Source: Hype RC [hype-rc.de]