March 25, 2021

ISDT to support Marc Rheinard for 2021

ISDT have announced, 5 times IFMAR World Champion, 7 times Reedy Race Champion and world famous German RC driver Marc Rheinard has joined ISDT for 2021. ISDT will support Marc with their battery management charging products, for his upcoming races in Europe as well as World Championships in 2021. Marc said of the deal “I would like to thank ISDT for supporting me with charging equipment. I used it during my tests in Gran Canaria last week and I’m really happy with the performance! Can’t wait to use them at the first race after the covid-19 break!”

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March 11, 2021

ISDT K2 AC/DC dual charger

ISDT, new sponsor of World Champion Naoto Matsukura, has announced their new K2 AC/DC dual charger. Able to output 200W in AC mode or 500W in DC mode in each of the two output channels, it can output up to a maximum of 30 volts. Able to support all major battery chemistries it is also able to discharge at 15W in each channel. The device features a 2.8″ IPS LCD display that has a 178° visible viewing angle and displays the relevant information clearly for each output. A compact footprint of 142 x 135 x 64mm it is also not too heavy for such a powerful charger, weighing in at 700grams.

View the full specifications here

October 11, 2019

ISDT 608AC smart charger

Coming from ISDT is their all-new 608AC smart charger that is usable with both AC or DC input power. The modular design of the device allows to use it with an external 12VDC power source such as the new, modular AC power supply that conveniently attaches to the charger’s case, doing away with unnecessary wiring. The charger features a built-in 2S to 6S LiPo balancer, a back-lit display, and it supports ISDT’s BattGo one-click smart battery technology that allows for automatic battery detection when using compatible battery packs. Menu operation is carried out using a single shuttle roll twist and push knob and the charger is capable of up to 200W of charing power when used in DC mode.

View a list of the specifications and another image here