March 26, 2012

Olly Jefferies joins Jaco

Following his success in this seasons BRCA 1/12th National series foam tyre manufacturer Jaco are pleased to announce that Olly Jefferies will be joining their team as a factory supported driver. Olly used Jaco tyres throughout his season long campaign at which he dominated both the stock and the modified class with his Associated 12R5.1, up to this point Olly had received Jaco support through UK distributor CML Distribution. With world championships on the horizon a direct deal with Jaco has come at just the right time. This is what Olly has to say about the deal:

I found that Jaco tyres gave me consistency through an eight minute run and throughout the season I didn’t have to think about my tyres choice or prep, the Jaco foam worked well on the all the various tracks and layouts we raced on over the winter series, hopefully now working direct with Jaco it will present opportunities for me and I am very excited about working with them as I prepare for the worlds.

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June 4, 2008

JACO Prism 1.5 & Rubberz on Prism

JACO Prism 1.5 & Rubberz on Prism

JACO have announced that their Rubberz line of pre mounted rubber sedan tires now come glued on the company’s new Prism wheel. This new wheel has been designed to specifically suit rubber tires with just the right amount of flex for superior traction and durability. Also new from JACO is the release of pre mounted Nitro Shoes to their new Prism 1.5 wheel. Featuring a 1.5 degree taper, the wheel has a smaller inner edge diameter which matches the camber used on most nitro touring cars and so ensures an even depth of foam accross the surface. JACO claim these new lightweight wheels offer a longer tire life, increased traction, improved forward bite and more consistent performance.

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June 20, 2007

EXCLUSIVE – JACO Prism, First Pic


In addition to the Exclusive on their new rubber tire range, JACO also provided us with information, and again and Exclusive first image, of their new 1/12th scale foam tires and awesome new wheels. Replacing their current line of wheels, these new tires come mounted on the all new large diameter ‘Prism’ wheel and have already proven themselves in competition, by winning the Stock Invitational race at ‘The Gate’ by over a full lap. These revolutionary tires come trued to a race-ready diameter and will be available in 5 different compounds for front and 5 different compounds for rears, and the best part is that less rubber on the wheel means a lower price to the consumer, so expect to pay $16.00 for fronts and $18.00 for rears when they are released in a week or so.

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June 20, 2007

EXCLUSIVE – JACO Rubberz, First Pic


JACO, the manufacturer of high quality foam R/C tires, were in touch to let us know that they are now entering the rubber tire market and gave us the Exclusive first photo of their new Rubberz. The new JACO pre-mounted sedan tires are the latest addition to their growing line of quality products and extensive testing by their world class racing team has resulted in the development of four all new rubber compounds for racing – #2424 Yellow (Soft), #2428 Green (Med-soft), #2432 Blue (Med-firm) and #2436 Orange (Firm). These tires come with the wheel, insert, and belted tire pre-assembled, just bolt them on and race! $45.00 USD for a set of 4 pre-mounted tires.

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