June 15, 2011

Jammin Losi Ten SCTE mud guards & wheel hex hubs

Jammin release more option parts for Losi’s Ten SCTE 4WD Short Course truck in the form of carbon fibre mud guards and aluminium wheel hex hubs. The rear mud guards are cut from carbon fibre and designed to protect the rear drives and shock absorbers from rocks, debris, mud and dirt while being strong and lightweight at the same time. The CNC-machined aluminium lightweight wheel hex hubs come black anodised and laser-etched with the Jammin logo. Being of a lightweight design four of these hubs weight the same as one Losi standard hub reducing the rotating mass for a quicker spool up. Set screws securely locate the hubs on the wheel axles for hassle-free wrenching when the wheels are taken off.

Click here to view the wheel hex hubs

December 4, 2010

Pro-Line F-150 SVT Raptor for SCRT10/Hyper 10SC

Having released the shell for a number of chassis’s previously Pro-Line have announced the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor body for the Jammin SCRT10 & OFNA Hyper 10SC. For Ford fans this is the ultimate off-road Short Course body with SVT Raptor styling with bolt on modular number and side dam plates and exceptional detail and style. Made with Crystal Clear Genuine GE Lexan the body includes window mask, over-spray film and decals.

View more images of the body here

September 2, 2010

T-Works 17mm wheel adapters

From T-Works are their new 17mm wheel adapters for the Jammin SCRT10, Slash 2WD and Slash 4×4. These wheel adapters have been made from high quality aluminium and hard anodized for extra durability. A simple addition to your short course truck that allows you to use 1/8th scale buggy wheels and tires.

Source: T-Works [rc-tworks.com]

July 10, 2010

JConcepts Manta for Hyper SC & Jammin SCRT-10

New from JConcepts is their Manta body for the Hyper SC or Jammin SCRT-10. The Manta begins with the latest in short course truck detail by incorporating the latest treatment from JConcepts in grill and headlight design with a racing influenced front bumper. Front and rear fender flares provide the clearance necessary to run an assortment of short course tires. Extended cab design with recessed side windows, louvers along the front hood area highlight a number of the front-end styling cues. Short course inspired bed area with incredible detailed finish off the design. In addition, JConcepts has included an optional rear spoiler which gives the ability to alter the look and function of the Manta by simply adding or removing the rear spoiler.

View another image of the shell

July 1, 2010

STRC Jammin SCRT10 option parts

STRC have released a number of new optional parts for the Jammin SCRT10. All the new products have been precision CNC machined from high-grade aluminium and grey anodised. The new caster blocks and steering knuckle greatly improves durability and add that great factory looks to the front suspension of your Jammin SCRT10. The Steering Knuckle increases the steering angle over the stock plastic unit for even tighter turning radius, and for precise fit and tolerance, the bearing holes are drilled after the part has been anodized to ensure the tightest tolerance possible around the bearings. New  heavy duty front and rear shock towers will not only add great looks to your Jammin SCRT10, but it will eliminate the flex in your shock tower, keeping your suspension operating true to its design. The new center bulkhead will eliminate any flex in the center transmission area due to heavy torque loads from powerful brushless motors. The 12mm Machined Hex adapters securely mounts on your Jammin SCRT10 wheels and tires with no chance of it being “round off” under heavy torque and power loads. Finally there are front and rear chassis braces that provide the front and rear end of your chassis with better support, and prevent the chassis from “buckling” under hard landing and bending the center driveshafts.

Source: STRC [teamstrc.com]

June 19, 2010

Pro-Line Desert Rat for SCRT-10 & SC10

For the Jammin SCRT-10 and AE SC10, Pro Line have you covered with the all new Desert Rat 2.0. Finally a dedicated body designed to maximize performance and style to keep your SC looking good. Featuring bold off-road Short Course (SC) styling, it has been made made with Crystal Clear Genuine GE Lexan and comes supplied with a detail decal sheet and window mask.

View more images of the shell here