August 7, 2020

JC Racing Products YZ10 1994 vintage wheels

Coming from UK company JC Racing Products are their new Yokomo YZ10 wheels for vintage Yokomo kits such as the YZ10 1994 to 1997. They mimic the iconic ribbed high-traction wheels as found on the WCS Pavidis edition car and they can be used on all “wide suspension” YZ10 and Works kits from the 1991 to 1997 era. The rims accept all industry standard 2.2” tyres, they come as 4-piece sets including two front and two rear wheels and they are available in black, yellow and white colour.

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May 12, 2020

JC Racing Products Minilite 26mm TC rims

JC Racing Products from the UK have introduced their new Minilite 26mm touring car wheels. The realistic looking 26mm wide rims feature a 48mm tyre bead diameter and are available in +3mm and +5mm offset, to suit a wide range of body shell specifications. They utilise a standard 12mm hex, are usable for touring and rally cars and come in sets of four and in black, silver, gold, blue or white colour to match about any paint scheme and taste.

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March 4, 2020

JC Racing Products B4/RC10 Worlds dish wheels

JC Racing Products’ dished Team Associated B4 and RC10 Worlds wheels are ideal for vintage racers and collectors alike. The front will fit both the B4 platform as well as the RC10 Worlds Edition while the rear wheel fit the B4 exclusively unless an updated rear suspension is used on the popular RC10 vintage buggy. The 2.2” diameter allows to use all modern day buggy tyres and the wheels are available separately in white, black or fluorescent yellow colour.

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February 28, 2020

JC Racing Products finned 1/8 buggy wing brace

JC Racing Products from the UK have introduced their new finned wing brace for 1/8th buggy wings. 3-D-printed using a high-quality fibre-reinforced material, the wing brace incorporates connected wing buttons for convenient mounting with a centre fin not only looking cool but also helping with aerodynamics. The brace can be produced to fit most wings and 1/8th off-road kits.

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February 27, 2020

JC Racing Products YZ10 6 spoke wheel set

Made for vintage Yokomo YZ10 buggies is JC Racing Products’ 6 spoke 2.2” wheel set. Containing two front and two rear rims, the set suits original Yokomo YZ10 vehicles made in the early 1990’s, they allow the use of modern day 2.2” carpet or dirt off-road tyres and they are available in black or white colour.

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June 20, 2019

JC Racing Products liner removal tool

JC Racing Products have introduced their new liner removal tool for the use with .21 nitro engines. It features an outer tube which has a diameter of 15.80 mm with a sprung latch which locates in the exhaust port. When offered into the liner, a second plunger is inserted down the centre of the outer tube to positively hold the latch in a closed position – this helps with removal of liners which can become tight over time compared to when the engine is new from oil residue. The tool has been tested on bores from 16.20mm to 16.50mm and will remove liners which are smaller or greater than these sizes on engines such as Sirio, O.S., Werks, Reds Racing and similar. The tool is 3-D-printed in a high quality fibre impregnated nylon giving it excellent mechanical strength and durability.

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