April 16, 2021

Bittydesign Vision The Car buggy body shell

Bittydesign have introduced this addition to their Vision buggy body shell line-up, for the JQ The Car Black Edition. The lid’s design will offer an easier to drive and more balanced feeling thanks to a mid-advanced cab, side pod and rear side flaps shape that optimises the aerodynamic characteristics. In addition a flap behind the engine area guides the air towards the rear wing for a smoother and more directed airflow around the shock tower and lower wing mount. The pre-cut body is moulded from high-quality 1mm Lexan polycarbonate, it comes with window masks, overspray protective film and a decal sheet.

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October 17, 2020

T-Works TheCar carbon fibre wing button

T-Works have introduced an addition to their range of carbon fibre wing buttons, this time for the JQ TheCar. The 1-piece wing button is machined from high-quality carbon fibre and makes for easier wing mounting, improved looks and better wing support, especially when running lightweight polycarbonate wings. The buttons come including gold-coloured mounting hardware.

Source: T-Works [rc-tworks.com]

May 25, 2020

JQRacing Black Edition carbon sideguards & hardware kit

JQRacing have introduced new optionals for their Black Edition 1/8th scale buggies in the form of carbon fibre sideguards and a lightweight hardware set, the latter is being made by T-Works. The Italian-made carbon fibre sideguards for the Black Edition nitro and eCars are now available to the public, after previously only being available for THE100. They are moulded from high-quality material for a low weight and exceptional durability and come including mounting hardware.

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November 21, 2019

JQ Racing Black Edition 2020 option kit

JQ Racing have introduced the 2020 option kit for the Black Edition 1/8th off-road buggy. The set includes C-hubs and steering knuckles with #2 KPI. This is a large amount of KPI that makes the car have a “pillow ball” feel. It has smooth initial steering, stability on power in bumps and sweepers, along with great on power steering. It is definitely faster for drivers that enjoy driving on power. For drivers that prefer a more point and shoot driving style, and turning off power, the zero KPI may be better. The rear hubs are updated, with the short middle hole being the same as the old low long hole. So there is an additional low row for loose tracks, and also a longer link location, to add grip for the large KPI, which can be aggressive exiting corners on power, causing a loss of rear grip. The rear hubs also add the option of using long rear CVDs with the joint inside the inner bearing. These smooth out the traction levels, being specially good on difficult tracks with inconsistent grip levels. Drivers can also use the included inner bushing that fits the stock bearing and universal drive shaft. This is not an upgrade kit, but an option kit. It is very different to the standard parts, and different conditions will require, and different drivers will prefer either one of these. JQ Racing recommend trying the #2 steering plates (JQB0382B) with these parts, and mount the link in the middle of the ackermann plate.

Source: JQ Racing [jqproducts.com]

September 2, 2019

JQRacing Black Edition eCar 1/8th electric buggy kit

JQRacing have introduced their new Black Edition eCar 1/8th scale electric off-road buggy. The updated kit shares the Black nitro, and Grey eBuggy’s front and rear gearboxes, with the centre portion and chassis being all new. The latter features 3mm thickness and a longer wheelbase for improved grip and stability while the improved centre diff and motor mount adds strength and ensures reliable gear mesh. New are also the carbon fibre battery holders with the battery mount taking full length and shorty LiPo battery packs. Two positions for the shorty batteries also allow the driver to access different weight bias settings while an improved front brace makes for stability and strength.

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June 7, 2019

MIP announce the release of more Bypass1 piston sets

MIP has completed its line of 1/8th scale Bypass1 off-road pistons and now include sets for Agama, JQRacing, SWorkz, Tekno and Xray. Featuring colour-codes valves, the Bypass1 pistons combined together with these valves allow to control and maximise the car’s performance based on which valves used. Thicker valves generate a slower rebound and thinner valves get quicker rebounds. Each set includes four pistons and a set of three different valves. The Agama set includes 6+2 pistons, the JQRacing specific sets consists of 6+6 hole pistons, the SWorkz kit includes 6-hole pistons, the Tekno set is a 6+6 hole variant and the Xray compatible set also includes 6+6 pistons. The set will become available by end of July.

Source: MIP [miponline.com]

June 4, 2019

RC Carbon Cavalieri JQ Black Edition carbon optionals

RC Carbon Cavalieri from Germany have introduced new carbon fibre option parts for the JQRacing Black Edition buggy. The latest additions include a -4mm short rear shock tower that is meant to improve traction. The part is cut from high-quality carbon fibre. Also new are LiPo box and radio box covers machined from carbon fibre. The parts replace the standard composite lids and were designed to improve rigidity and looks. The covers are available as 2-piece set or separately.

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April 19, 2019

JConcepts S1 TheCar body shell

JConcepts have introduced their new S1 body shell for JQRacing’s TheCar Black Edition nitro and TheE-Car Grey Edition electro buggy kits. First developed for the 2012 IFMAR World Championships, the Silencer has been a mainstay in the JConcepts product line which is available for a number of difference vehicles in the market. The JQRacing buggy has enjoyed a successful run world-wide and JConcepts has now created the iconic Silencer as a drop-fit for the vehicle. For the precise fit, the design has undergone major changes to match the JQ chassis side guards and body mount positioning. The Silencer stance cockpit allows ample room for the air cleaner and fuel tank access, a smoother high-speed windshield transition and increased flow around the engine heat-sink. A deep recess around the engine compartment with dual channeling out the rear provides air escape along with rear-end stability. The Silencer side-pods have a clipped rear-end, narrowing the rear by angling just in front of the rear tires. The extended runner features are placed on the rear-end of the body enhancing the force placed on the rear pods during high-speed acceleration. The main pods are heavily chamfered and a more heat-shrink design over the pipe, fuel tank and electrical / linkage make up the main pods. The end result has the body looking extremely low-profile with heavy JConcepts edginess and appeal. The Silencer is capped off with a cock-pit “shark fin” for more high-speed tracking stability and increased roof stiffness. The body is available in lightweight and ultra lightweight variants and includes window masks and a decal sheet.

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