September 6, 2017

SMJ Kabuto T12 2.1cc nitro on-road engine

Coming from SMJ is the Kabuto T12 2.1cc nitro on-road engine for 1/10th 200mm nitro touring cars. Based on the O.S. Speed T12 engine the Kabuto variant was fine-tuned to extract even more performance from the power plant while also upping low to mid-range torque. Different from the other Kabuto engines it does not come pre-broken-in but with a newly designed, engraved cooling head. Also available is a suitable, tuned silencer set based on the O.S. Speed T-1070C L52 exhaust that includes the muffler, manifold, silicone gaskets and mounting springs. The engine and exhaust are available separately and also a combo package.

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April 14, 2017

SMJ Kabuto 21XB2 & R21 3.5cc nitro engines

SMJ have introduced the new Kabuto 21XB2 off-road and R21 on-road engines. Starting with the off-road engine, the 21XB2 is available in a Power and Eco variant with he first one being aimed towards racing on high-speed off-road tracks on the the growing 1/8th GT class while the Eco variant is best used on low-grip or bumpy tracks. Both long-stroke engine feature DLC-coated and balanced crankshafts as well as ceramic rear ball bearings. On the carburettor side of things the Power variant is equipped with a 7mm venturi while the Eco engine utilises a smaller 6mm venturi. Both engines come pre-run-in meaning minimal preparation time to get them track-ready.

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