March 27, 2011

Laurus EC1 Colibri bench test unit


New from Italian company Laurus is the EC1 Colibri, a unit for bench testing engines. Suitable for a wide range of engine size past 3.5cc, it puts the engine under load during running to simulate on track usage and even sports a built in brake. Featuring a built in starter that gets the engine powered through a built in lever, the throttle of the engine is controlled by a LAN powered device for safe operation. For cooling, once started the motor is encased in a fan cooled casing for a controlled testing environment. Connected to a computer by USB, the software that comes with the device allows you to measure a wide range of parameters from the engine including rpm, acceleration, running and peak temperatures and it allows you to compare the results with other engines. Not a device for everyone, but if you are serious about tuning engines, this is worth looking at.

Source: Laurus []