January 22, 2019

McFactory B6.1 LCG titanium chassis

The ultimate advantage for any B6.1 racer, McFactory introduces their new LCG titanium chassis. Measuring out at 0.7mm thinner yet 35g heavier than the original AE chassis, the titanium chassis will provide an advantage especially in high traction conditions where slick tires are used, on astro turf and generally when racing on carpet. The main plate is a direct fit on all B6.1’s and titanium chassis for other brands will be available soon.

Source: CF Hobbies [cfhobbies.com]

December 22, 2016

McFactory Motorsports Project 4X alloy main chassis

McFactory Motorsports are currently working on an aluminium main chassis for Serpent’s Project 4X touring car and have released first images. The optional chassis will feature some extensive machining that not only gives a unique look but it will also assist with controlled flex while being light of weight at the same time. No word yet on a release date but it is understood that the chassis will become available soon.

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June 2, 2016

McFactory Type L 1/12th scale conversion kits

McFactory Type L 1/12th scale conversion kits

McFactory have introduced their all new Type L 1/12th scale conversion kits. The “L” is in honour of National Champion Donny Lia, who was instrumental in the development of this new car. The kits were designed for the new high-bite black CRC carpet and feature inverted sidelink mounts to allow for a narrower chassis that in turn makes for more undisturbed chassis roll on the high-grip carpet without dragging while also moving weight closer to the centre of the car. Also included are raised front carbon bumpers that remove nose weight and solve the dragging issues everyone has on the new carpet. Finally a recessed tape slot in the centre does away with the battery tape getting cut or caught. The Type “L” conversion will be made for the CRC, Team Associated, Serpent, TOP, SpeedMerchant, Roche, and Xray cars with the later will also come with the rear pod moved 2mm towards the diff and a new top plate. Another cool option is the ORCA shock mount with the speedo screwing into the chassis and an upper heatsink carbon fibre brace acting as shock mount. Non Orca kits will utilise the standard shock mounts from whatever chassis is converted.

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April 29, 2016

McFactory introduce more alloy chassis conversions

McFactory introduce more alloy chassis conversions

McFactory have introduced more aluminium chassis conversions for 1/12th scale pan cars. The range will also include chassis and power pod sets for the TOP Rebel 12 v2, the Serpent S120 LTR, Team Associated R12 5.2 and the CRC XTI WC. All are made using high-quality aluminium and they help to settle down the cars when running in high-bite track conditions.

Source: McFactory Motorsports [mcfactorymotorsports.com]

April 27, 2016

McFactory X12’16 aluminium chassis & motor pod

McFactory X12'16 aluminium chassis & motor pod

Available now from McFactory Motorsports is a 2.3mm 7075-T6 aluminium main chassis and lower motor pod plate for the Xray X12’16 kit. The chassis will keep the car from lifting the inside tyre on high-grip carpet tracks while also making the car easier to drive at the same time. The parts come machined from high-quality aluminium, they sport silver chamfered edges and are a direct replacement for the stock carbon fibre parts.

Source: McFactory Motorsports [mcfactorymotorsports.com]