March 17, 2021

MOD TLR22 5.0 Elite aluminium X67mm pin bones

From MOD are these aluminium X67mm pin bones for the TLR22 5.0 Elite. Instantly shave 26% off your rotational mass for the 21.5, 17.5 or 13.5 classes. Made in House at MIP, these bones are a favourite among racers as it provides the same feel as the stock bones but are lighter weight. Also with the keyed design you get the ultimate wear out of the yoke portion but light weight advantage of the aluminium bone giving you the best of both worlds. They have also optimised the bones so as to not rub on the outdrive at full plunge and create unnecessary bind taking into consideration the current team setups.

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March 12, 2021

MOD 22 2wd one-piece steel pin drive outdrives

From Matt Olson’s MOD brand for the 22 2wd series is these machined feather weight one piece steel pin drive outdrives. Manufactured in the USA by MIP it shaves 5.7 grams of rotational mass compared to the stock part. That 26% rotational mass will substantially increase your bottom end punch, lower motor temps and improve braking power. These outdrives are compatible with any size motor on the market and built for any application but it is in stock, superstock and drag customers that will see the biggest advantages these outdrives will provide. The kit comes with everything needed to build up a full diff with the exception of the stock gear which you can rob from your current diff.

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September 11, 2019

MOD 5ive-T/B Everlast M1.5 pinion gears

Coming from MOD are their new Everlast M1.5 pinion gears for the popular Losi 5ive-T and B models. Made from hardened alloy steel and coming heat-treated for ultimate wear characteristics the pinions not only last about 10-times longer than the standard gears, adjusted gear patch dimensions also improve spur gear to pinion contact. The pinions are also of proper dimensions to work with both OEM and aftermarket bells and front carriers and they help to prevent premature gear wear. The gears will become available in 17T to 20T specification.

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