October 22, 2007

Multiplex Multicharger chargers

Multiplex Multicharger LN-6015EQU

Multiplex have announced the addition of 2 new chargers to their range with the release of the LN-6015EQU & LN-3008EQU. The LN6015EQU is a charger with built in balancer that has the ability to charge many types of cells, including LiPos up to 6 cells, with an adjustable charging current from 0.1 – 6.0A while it can also discharge your cells up to 1.0A. The charger also features a 2 line, blue backlit, LCD screen which can show the user, in real time, the voltage of each individual cell. Also new from Multiplex is the LN-3008EQU which is similar to the 6015EQU but only handles up to 3 LiPo cells and has no digital display.

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July 22, 2007

Multiplex Equalizer 5505

Multiplex Equalizer 5505

Multiplex have announced that they have started selling the Equalizer 5505 polymer battery balance guard. Simply connect this balancer between the charger and the LiPo cells and it will ensure the safe, complete and correct charging, and discharging, of your LiPo cells. Suitable for charging up to 5A and discharging at 500mA, the Equalizer also has an automatic sensor to shut off in the event of overcharging or overdischarging.

Source: Multplex [hitecrcd.co.jp]