July 29, 2007

OCM Racing pit mat

OCM Racing pit mat

New from OCM Racing is this mat for your pit area allowing you to show your allegiance to OCM while keeping your work space in order. Made from hard wearing black material, similar to door mats, it features a tribal design in the lower corners along with the OCM Racing logo in the center.

Source: OCM Racing [ocmracing.com]

May 2, 2007

OCM Racing Kaos DT-19 released

OCM Racing Kaos DT-19 released

We have written about the OCM Racing Kaos DT-19 buggy way back in November, but only now is the final production spec ready and shipping worldwide. The long delays were down to fixing some quality issues which they understandably wanted sorted before release, but its now ready and expect to see it in your LHS soon.

Source: OCM Racing [ocmracing.com]

April 30, 2007

OCM Racing Kaos DT-19T Studio pics

OCM Racing Kaos DT-19T

Our mates Rube Dude have the first studio pics of the soon to be released OCM Kaos DT-19T, that we showed you last week. This car is now ready for release and will include all the innovative features we have come to expect from OCM in their buggy range but it will sport a few others. The Diffs on this baby will be nice and solid from what we understand sporting 6mm diff output shafts and large sun gear that is 2.5mmx11.8mm.  And of course OCM uses the finest aircraft grade alloys and hard anodising on all its parts so this truggy will not only be turning heads but should also be very competitive.

Click here to see some more pictures.

Source: Rube Dude [rubeduderc.com]

April 24, 2007

OCM Racing Kaos DT-19T truggy

OCM Racing Kaos DT-19T Truggy
^ Click for larger image

A long time back, we showed you some CAD images of the new Kaos DT-19T truggy from OCM Racing, which at the time was still a concept on a computer screen. Well as you can see in the picture above the truggy is now real and judging by the picture it looks pretty good. No other details have been announced but to have a closer look and judge for yourself click the image.

UPDATE: Rube Dude have some pictures of the truggy in action, which you can view here.

Source: OCM Racing [ocmracing.com]

April 4, 2007

OCM Racing RC Tools

OCM Racing Tools

Everyone seems to have their own tools these days and OCM Racing are another company to jump on that product line with the release of some images and details about their new Hudy ‘inspired’ tools. Spotted by our mates Joneh RC, the new tools set comes in all the usual sizes and also sports a flywheel gripper tool as well as some nut spinners, allen heads, philips heads, flat heads and allen ball heads all with metal knurled handles.

Source: Joneh RC [jonehrc.com]

February 5, 2007

Billy Easton signs to OCM Racing & TQ fuels

Billy Easton signs to OCM Racing & TQ fuels

US driver and former World Champion, Billy Easton, has signed to race for OCM Racing USA and TQ racing fuels. According to the report by Neo Buggy, Easton will not only be the teams star driver but will also head up the North American teams research and development for both brands.

Source: Neo-Buggy [neo-buggy.net]

January 19, 2007

OCM Kaos DT-19T truggy

OCM Kaos DT-19T truggy

OCM Racing, makers of the Kaos 1/8th scale buggy, have released some cad images of their new truggy, the Kaos DT-19T. The chassis itself looks to have a very standard design for a car in this class with the only stand out feature from the cad images being the Allen key adjusted track rod system that looks like a very neat idea. Expect to see this car in the shops in March.

Source: OCM Racing [ocmracing.com] via Neo-Buggy [neobuggy.net]

November 21, 2006

OCM Racing Kaos DT-19 PRO Kit

OCM Racing Kaos DT-19

We actually had a piece written about the new OCM Racing Kaos DT-19 yesterday but removed it because i didnt have enough information about it. Well now thanks to our partner sites we have a statement from OCM themselves with all the details we need.

OCM are proud to release the final production spec Pro Kit. Due to some delays in the effort to produce a high standard high quality kit, we are now ready to send kits out. We have been testing and testing under real race conditions with our team drivers to find any potential issues and resolve them before releasing sales to the general public. This ensures that you will have the highest std and quality that will rival any other kit on the market. From the pics you can see that this is a fully optioned kit ready to take on the track and competition head on. Be ready to see some kits hitting the shelves soon. Truggy is just around the corner.

So now you know, check out the images here.

Source: OCM Racing [ocmracing.com]