August 7, 2020

Phat Bodies V Rally 1/10th rally body shell

UK company Phat Bodies have introduced their new V Rally body shell for 1/10th scale rally and rallycross cars. Sporting large wheel arches the body supports 195mm wide chassis and it can be used with “dirt” high ground clearance or “tarmac” low ground clearance chassis setting, making it very versatile. The body is molded from high-quality polycarbonate, it comes in lightweight 0.75mm or more durable club racer 1.0mm thickness and includes a roof scoop, 2-piece rear wing, vinyl window masks and high-quality light, grille and vent stickers.

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July 6, 2020

Phat Bodies VTCR FWD touring car body shell

Phat Bodies from the UK have introduced their new VTCR body shell for 1/10th scale front-wheel drive chassis. The scale-like body has been based on the cars that run in the WTCR and BTCC championships with similar styling and aerodynamics cues. Key features are a double front splitter balanced with a BRCA-legal rear wing for a car that’s fast and easy to drive. The prototype was extensively tested over the last six months by Phat Bodies’ team of test drivers, some pro and and some regular club drivers, ran on everything from tight and grippy indoor carpet tracks to fast and open outdoor tarmac tracks and even in the rain to ensure the body performs in every track condition. The lid is fully BRCA approved, meets the international 125mm roof height and comes in crystal clear Lexan polycarbonate for high quality and durability. Included come vinyl window masks, lights and grille stickers as well as the rear wing.

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June 29, 2020

Phat Bodies Vee 1/10th buggy wing

Phat Bodies have introduced their new Vee wing for 1/10th scale 2WD buggies such as the Team Associated B6 series and the Schumacher Cougar Laydown. Used by Martin Owen to win the 2019 South West regional off-road series the 165mm wide wing features a low profile rake at the rear section which gives sufficient rear downforce but its lower drag feature, when trimmed to recommended cut lines, ensures low rotation around the rear axle which in turn reduces front end lift common on most buggy wings. In addition the V design aids stability and stiffening ribs reduce flex giving a more consistent feel at higher speed. The wing is recommended for fast high-grip tracks and it is made from high quality 1mm Lexan polycarbonate with a lightweight 0.75mm version being available on request.

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June 24, 2020

Phat Bodies Atak 14th scale micro buggy body

Phat Bodies have introduced their new Atak 14th scale micro buggy body shell for vehicles such as the LC Racing EMB-1, the Team Associated Reflex 14B, or the Losi Mini 8ight. The aggressive and aerodynamic forward cab styling is ideally suited for micro speed demons with large side pods and increased side profile allow extra room inside and increase visibility on track. Suitable for all 14th scale micro buggies with a wheelbase of around 190mm the clear bodyshell comes with overspray film and Phat Bodies stickers.

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July 5, 2019

Phat Bodies Electra 1/12th LMP body shell

Phat Bodies from the UK have introduced their all-new Electra 1/12th scale LMP pan car body shell. A new approach to 12th scale LMP aerodynamics, with styling cues from the futuristic Formula E class cars, has seen Phat Bodies develop a new style of bodyshell with high downforce yet maintain very low drag to establish a body shell with superb feel and exceptional balance at any speed on any type of corner. The body is designed within global bodyshell dimensions, to comply with EFRA and ROAR rules, and it is BRCA approved. It comes made of crystal clear Lexan polycarbonate ready for painting and it includes stickers, pre-cut vinyl window and light masks and also overspray film.

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April 2, 2019

Phat Bodies 300R MTC 210mm wheelbase body shell

Phat Bodies have released their new 300R 210mm wheelbase body shell for the growing MTC mini touring car class. High clearance speed bumps on the bonnet help the sleek body sit super low on any chassis and it is made of 0.75mm Lexan polycarbonate material, comes including a high-downforce rear wing, window masks and overspray film as well as stickers and it fits a range of M-type cars such as the Xpress XM1S.

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August 24, 2018

Phat Bodies GTF superlight GT12 body shell

Phat Bodies’ popular GTF GT12 body shell is now also available in a superlight variant. Using a new forming process the shell was successfully lightened in key upper areas like the roof section and rear wing to reduce overall weight and lower the centre of gravity. At the same time the front end and splitter are still super rigid for good aero and great durability. The body is fully BRCA homologated for National and International GT12 competition.

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August 10, 2018

Phat Bodies K2 micro truggy body shell

Phat Bodies from the UK have introduced their new K2 micro truggy body shell. The extended version of the ever popular Kaboom truggy body was developed for 225mm wheelbase trucks such as the LC Racing EMB-1 chassis and the Losi Mini 8ight-T. The lid was designed to be fitted with hook and loop tape, it is made of high-quality Lexan polycarbonate and it comes including a high downforce 165mm micro specific rear wing.

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