November 20, 2022

Pro-Line special edition Pre-Painted Camaro IROC-Z

To commemorate Pro-Line’s 40th anniversary, they are proud to introduce a special edition Pre-Painted Chevy Camaro IROC-Z for the No-Prep SC Drag Racing! Bowtie fans can now recreate a piece of American nostalgia with this ultra-scale ’80s sports coupe drag body. Choose either Metallic Blue or Jet Black as your base colour, which is completed with a retro ’80s style neon gradient livery. Also included is a commemorative limited-edition Pro-Line 40th Anniversary coin, a must-have keepsake for diehard Pro-Line fans!

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November 20, 2022

Pro-Line Sumo L & Cliffhanger 1:10 Crawler Bodies

Pro-Line has released two new variations of their popular 1:10 crawler bodies. They are reviving a long-time favourite in the crawling scene with a longer wheelbase version for all popular rock crawlers with the Sumo L. It brings back the mini-SUV body style that captures the essence of popular full-size off-road warriors, this time in the popular 12.3″ wheelbase. They have used the same classic import look as the original, with the modified “hard top” removed exposing the trunk area, allowing you to customise the look of your truck with scale accessories. The fenders allow for oversized 4.75″ tires, or just cut them off completely to create a true trail-ready look. The Cliffhanger crawler body has become the go-to standard for any rock crawler serious about competition or high-performance crawling. Now, you can get on the trails faster than ever with the Stone Gray Tough-Color edition of this body. Tough-Color polycarbonate is made from gray material, giving you a faster way to get to your local crawling spot with no paint needed! Included are stylish red & black factory livery graphics and realistic window stickers.

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November 18, 2022

Pro-Line Vandal 1:8 Buggy Tyre

Pro-line has introduced the new Vandal 1:8 Buggy race tyre which is an evolution of their legendary Hole Shot tyre engineered for hard-packed, dusty, blown-out track conditions. Vandal development started with Pro-Line’s latest generation carcass profile that utilises a single arc to create the sidewall geometry, then transitions from the sidewall to the crown with a larger radius resulting in a rounder and less edgy appearance. This carcass provides a tailored fit to the wheel and insert package, making mounting a breeze. Focusing on grip, the Vandal’s centre tread density is optimised for longevity in longer runs while the addition of micro-pins at the outer edges reduces edginess in the bumps. Competitors can expect the Pro-Line Vandal tyres to deliver improved consistency, drivability, and durability. It is available in four popular tread compounds, M3 & M4 for watered tracks and S3 & S4 long wear for more abrasive dry tracks. The tyres come complete with Pro-Line’s latest generation closed cell foam insert.

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October 21, 2022

Pro-Line 1978 Chevy K-10 Body

Pro-Line has released their first body shell for the Axial SCX6 Rock Crawler, a 1978 Chevy K-10.  The fully licensed shell gives your 1:6 scale crawler a super scale, retro-classic look with this fleetside Chevy®, which is one of the hottest nostalgic full-size trucks. The 1978 K-10 body has been carefully sculpted with realistic details that recreate the lines and squared-off style of this iconic truck. It is molded from extra-thick, 2mm thick crystal-clear polycarbonate for extra durability on your giant rig. To fit this body to your SCX6, the AXI350001 body post set from Axial is required.

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August 19, 2022

Pro-Line 1:8 Axis Wing

Pro-Line has added this new Axis Wing to their range of 1:8 Buggy products. Tested extensively by Pro-line’s Factory Team drivers, the Axis wing provides increased forward traction, high-speed stability, and jumping consistency. It includes an add-on wicker-bill that allows you to tune the performance of the wing to your liking along with pre-marked dimples across the rear of the wing, for drilling holes to combat windy conditions and reduce drag. IFMAR-spec endplates provide the ideal side bite in loose conditions. Mounting the wing is made easy with markings for 40mm and 48mm wing mount widths and 5 fore/aft positions. Made in the USA, the Axis wing is available in white or black.

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August 18, 2022

Pro-Line Racing B6.4 Axis Light Weight Body

Pro-Line Racing has introduced this new Axis light weight body for Team Associated’s B6.4.  Featuring a super low-slung design with sharp lines throughout, the Cab-forward design provides enhanced steering response while the small side fins balance out the rear of the car with ideal side-bite. The rear of the Axis body has the right amount of clearance for the gearbox and fits the chassis and bulkhead shape of your race buggy perfectly.

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July 21, 2022

Pro-Line 1972 Chevrolet K-10 crawler body

Pro-Line has a brand-new body for all your bowtie Scale Crawler fans, the classic 1972 Chevrolet K-10. This officially licensed K-10 blends scale looks with competition-specific features to give your 12.3″ wheelbase crawler the best of both worlds on the trails or at your next comp crawl. The retro-classic truck has been carefully sculpted with realistic details that recreate the lines and squared off style of this iconic truck. Oversized wheel openings and slightly tapered front and rear sections increase hill-scaling clearance, while the drop bed meets scale point rules.

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July 21, 2022

Pro-Line SCX6 FOX aluminum shock caps

Upgrade your SCX6 with Pro-Line’s first FOX branded accessory, new precision machined aluminium shock caps. These caps fit directly onto the stock SCX6 shock bodes for an instant upgrade in both the looks and durability of your SCX6. Sleek black anodising and the famous FOX tail logo etched on the sides will set off the look of your giant rig. Installing the shock caps is easy with the included machined Delrin shock bushings and steel washers. Also included are a pair of fresh bladders for your rebuild, brass bleeder washers and M3 bleeder screws.

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