November 7, 2012

Rsector F104 high traction system

Rsector have released this high traction system for the Tamiya F104 chassis. Consisting of a steel rear lower chassis, 2 brass weights and an aluminium rear diffuser the combined set is 118 grams. The result is a more rigid rear end, better cooling and due to the weight it has more traction. You can further increase performance by using their new carbon rear axle which is 19 grams lighter than the standard steel shaft.

View an image of the assembled set

August 29, 2012

Rsector F104V2 Rigid Rear System

Rsector introduce the Rigid Rear System for the Tamiya F104 V2 line of chassis. The system features an extended motor mount which makes the shock tower shorter therefore offering a stiffer structure over all for the shock to work more efficiently. It also offers two wing mounting positions for more downforce when needed. Included in the set that will also fit the RM-01 chassis, are new side frames, carbon fibre braces and hardware.

Click here to view a picture of the parts installed

June 20, 2012

RS6 conversion for Tamiya TA06

R Sector have introduced their RS6 Conversion kit for the Tamiya TA06. Its unique structure allow it to maintain stiffness without a permanent upper deck, although when the removable upper deck is in place additional stiffness will be added to the chassis. The new layout means that the battery is now removed from the top with just two thumb screws. A specially designed one piece front steering bulkhead is connected to the chassis braces for a more rigid front end structure, while the rear chassis support is a critical part of the design because it is there to maintain the stiffness of the rear section and to protect the battery from the heat of the motor. Other features include a redesigned aluminium motor bridge for a wider selection of motors and the mounting of a high performance low profile cooling fan for better cooling.

View more images of the conversion here