March 6, 2015

Break-in Dutch develops new engine break-in method

Dutch company develops new engine break-in method

Break-in Dutch have developed what they claim is an effective new way to break-in new nitro engines. Usable with .12 to .21 engines the rotating parts of the engine are submerged in a container filled with heated oil while the crankshaft is rotated by an electric motor. The temperature and RPM is computer controlled and fluctuates in a range of up to 200 degree Celsius and up to 3,000RPM to ensure an effective yet safe breaking-in process. Additional torque vectoring control ensures the engine is broken-in correctly and it can be used on the track straight away.

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February 1, 2015

Racing Dutch 3D printed 1/10 TC wings & rain airbox

Racing Dutch 3D printed 1/10 TC wings & rain airbox

Racing Dutch is a new company from the Netherlands, specialised in 3D printed products. Developed by a network of professional engineers with a passion for RC the main focus will be on niche products for 1/8th and 1/10th scale nitro on-road racing. One of the first items to become available is a 200mm touring car rear wing, developed using CFD techniques to reduce the overall drag by as much as 40 percent. The wing is available in a medium and high downforce variant and it is recommended to paint or soak the part using Parma Faskolor or Createx paints to have it matching the body’s colour.

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