October 11, 2019

Ramp roll out new B6.1 & B74 carbon fibre optionals

Ramp have announced the release of new carbon fibre option parts for the Team Associated B6.1/T6.1 and B74 off-road kits. First up is an O-ring battery retention system that ensures quick and easy battery swaps of both standard and LCG shorty batteries while the design also allows for effortless battery position tuning and more natural chassis flex. The set includes two carbon fibre battery braces, mounting hardware and two high-quality rubber O-rings. The set is usable on both the B6.1 buggy and T6.1 truck.

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July 17, 2019

Ramp introduce new XB4/2, B6.1 & B74 carbon optionals

Austrian brand Ramp have announced the release of new option parts for the Xray XB4 and XB2, as well as the Team Associated B6.1 and B74 buggies. First up is a carbon fibre shorty LiPo mount for the XB4 buggy. The design allows to use it with both 18.5mm tall LCG and standard height 25mm packs while adjustable battery stops do away with unsightly foam blocks to secure the battery in its current position. The set contains a carbon fibre strap, two battery posts, screws and clips. Also new are new design carbon wing protectors for the Xray XB2 and XB4 as well as the Team Associated B6.1 and B74 buggies. The protectors offer a large contact surface for less stress on the wing during upside down action, while four different mounting screw positions allows to adjust stiffness and overall downforce.

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July 2, 2019

Ramp XB2 carbon fibre & 3-D-printed optionals

Austrian brand Ramp has announced the release of their first optionals for the Xray XB2 buggy. First up is a carbon flex battery mount that allows for a wide range of accessible battery positions. The lightweight set contains machined carbon fibre battery locators as well as two high-quality rubber O-rings that ensure quick and easy battery swaps. Next up are 3-D-printed lightweight motor upper brace mounts in 0mm and +2mm specification, the latter being usable for +2mm height gearbox positions. The parts are of a lightweight design, they feature battery slots for low-profile packs but are also usable with standard height shorty packs. Suitable for the above upper brace mounts is a flex motor upper brace/waterfall that is lighter than the standard part while offering increased flex for both the Carpet and Dirt spec with laydown gearbox. Last but not least is a carbon fibre rear wing protector that will ensure a longer life of the rear wing thanks to offering a greater contact surface.

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