July 11, 2023

RC-Project Rebound Tool

Italian RC tuning parts company RC-Project has release this Rebound Tool that makes matching rebound between shocks easy and accurate.   Simply clip the Rebound Tool on the shock shaft to the desired size before bleeding the shock absorbers.  The benefits are shocks will have same quantity of oil, precise rebound measurement, Rebound check after closing the shocks and rebound check after a track session.  The Rebound Tool measures: 2.5, 5, 7.5, 10, 15, 20mm and is compatibility: 3 to 5mm shock shafts.

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February 1, 2023

Teghesi joins RC-Project

Italian RC tuning parts company RC-Project has announced Fabrizio Teghesi has joined its team.  The Italian offroad racer who made the switch from a very long sting with Kyosho to HB Racing for 2023 will not only use RC-Project products in his 1:8 buggy programme but will be actively involved in developing future products from the Turin based company for the HB Racing platforms .  Commenting on the announcement the former Italian National Champion said, ‘”It’s been more than 10 years since I had a sponsor for Optional parts! But now the wait is over, I’m delighted to be part of a great team like RC-Project! I am very proud to bring their products to the track!  I think they are one of the references on the market!”

Source: RC-Project [rc-project.it]

June 9, 2022

RC-Project revised clutch shoes & springs

RC-Project have released their completely revised clutch shoe, ensuring longer life, less maintenance and greater reliability. The new shoes have 35% more contact surface area, which ensures longer life and less bell wear while the pin hole has been reamed to centesimal tolerance and all edges have been CNC chamfered and not tumbled like the previous version. The shoes was produced from a different material and then hard anodised and branded. The 0.5mm washer was eliminated and integrated into the shoes for greater reliability and to reduce friction between flywheel and shoes. The new spring design allows for quick and easy assembly and have been manufactured from a different material that is very heat resistant to prevent possible breakage or load changes during use. The shoes and springs will fit flywheels from Mugen, Sworkz, HB, Xray, Alpha, Agama, Carrara Z9 and Mayako and will work on all bells with diameters Ø26, Ø26.3, Ø26.4 and Ø26.5.

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February 17, 2022

RC-Project ventilated 1/8th brake disc

These new ventilated super-lightweight brake discs from RC-Project have been CNC machined from steel and heat treated. In addition they have been sandblasted as well as precision-ground with a roughness that reduces the glazing of the pads. Thanks to heavy machining, the rotating mass and weight has been reduced by approximately 40% compared to the originals, all without sacrificing strength or durability. Sold in a set of 2, braking will have more feeling and is still powerful. Available in different versions for Kyosho, SWorkz, HB Racing, Team Associated, Tekno RC, Xray and Mugen Seiki.

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February 15, 2022

RC-Project brass cylindrical weights

RC-Project have introduced this line-up of cylindrical weights in 5g, 10g, 15g, 20g and 25g. The weights are CNC machined from a special brass alloy and subsequently coated in black PVD making the weight more durable. Each weight features an M3 thread allowing it to be mounted easily to the chassis.

Source: RC-Project [rc-project.it]

February 8, 2022

RC-Project S35-4 brass weight & delrin bushings

RC-Project have released three new items for the SWorkz S35-4 starting with this 15g front/rear weight. Made of black PVD coated brass, it fits perfectly without touching any other components and leaves the necessary space to prevent binding in the chassis. Thanks to its twin holes it can be mounted on the rear / front of the car. Next up are two different sets of delrin bushings for the brake cams and for in the Ackerman plate. The bushings offer tight tolerances to ensure a perfect coupling, eliminating play while reducing maintenance and eliminating the problem of unpleasant bearing failures.

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April 9, 2021

RC-Project S35 steering arm levers

Developed together with the Sworkz Team, RC-Project have produced these steering arm levers for the S35 family of cars. The new plates have been machined from Ergal 7075 T6 and black anodised. They sport 3 different holes mounting holes labelled ‘S’ Soft to be used in high grip conditions, ‘M’ Medium to be used as starting position and ‘A’ Aggressive for use on slippery tracks.

Source: RC-Project [rc-project.it]

March 15, 2021

RC-Project The Ring muffler support

The new ‘The Ring’ muffler support from RC-Project is made in Ergal 7075 T6 in Italy and can be mounted on all 1/10 and 1/8 Nitro models and is available in 6 different colours. The muffler support will allow you to have 2 different configurations, fixed or mobile. In fixed mode, in addition to the central fixture of the muffler, 2 additional M3 setscrews can be added to secure the muffler fixing with the spring and avoid unpleasant problems due to the setscrew coming loose and the muffler coming away from the spring. In mobile mode it will be possible to eliminate the central fixture of the muffler and leave only the 2 setscrews. In this mode the muffler will have the freedom to be able to move inside the support, which will help the free movement of it according to the bending of the chassis. Inside the space between the muffler and the support you can insert O-rings or a silicone tube to dampen the movement. The spring made of harmonic steel, has a length that adapts to all models and it can be shortened and bent according to your needs.

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