July 27, 2018

RCSS T4 Hybrid Ceramic ball bearing set

RC Speed Secrets’ Hybrid Ceramic stainless steel ball bearings are now also available in a set for the Xray T4 series of touring cars. The bearings are about 21 percent lighter than standard ABEC-3 ceramics while making for reduced natural drivetrain drag, better acceleration and higher speeds. The set includes a total of 14 bearings and it fits T4 2018 down to 2015 spec kits.

Source: RC Speed Secrets [rcspeedsecrets.com]

July 23, 2018

RCSS A800 Next Level hybrid ceramic bearings

RC Speed Secrets have introduced a set of Next Level hybrid ceramic ball bearings for the Awesomatix A800 series of touring cars. The kit includes 14 high-performance ball races that scrub about 21 percent of weight compared to popular ABEC-3 ceramic bearings while the stainless steel construction ensures high corrosion resistance. Overall the hybrid ceramic bearings will slightly reduce natural drivetrain drag for improved acceleration and top speed while reducing motor and speedo temperatures.

Source: RC Speed Secrets [rcspeedsecrets.com]

May 28, 2018

RCSS T6.1 Next Level hybrid ceramic bearing sets

Coming from RC Speed Secrets and made for Team Associated’s T6.1 stadium truck are three new Next Level series hybrid ceramic ball bearing sets. Available as complete kit and also as separate gearbox and wheel bearing kits, all make use of high-grade hybrid ceramic and stainless steel ball races that are about 21 percent lighter than popular ABEC-3 ceramics with the stainless steel construction giving higher corrosion resistance than chrome/steel bearings. The low-friction design greatly reduces drivetrain drag, increasing runtime and lowering operation temperatures, making them ideal for both stock and modified racing. All three sets are available now.

Source: RC Speed Secrets [rcspeedsecrets.com]

May 4, 2018

RCSS EB410 rear carbon fibre relocation tower

Coming from RC Speed Secrets and made for the Tekno EB410 buggy is the new rear carbon fibre relocation shock tower. RCSS have moved the upper shock locations and placed them in between the stock locations for more fine tune adjustment and it also features optimised inner ball stud mounting locations for shocks on the front of arm mod with 1.5mm roll centre increments. The shock stay, that is made of top-quality carbon material, can be used with stock, shocks on front arm, and MIP chassis conversions.

Source: RC Speed Secrets [rcspeedsecrets.com]

April 5, 2018

RC Speed Secrets release more EB410 titanium options

RC Speed Secrets have more Beast Mode series titanium option parts for the Tekno RC EB410 buggy available in the form of new screw kits, battery thumb screws and swaybar balls. On the fastener side of things RCSS come up with a 29-piece lower chassis titanium screw kit that will save weight while adding bling thanks to RCSS’ Bada Bling oil slick or Stealth black finish. Using the screws will save some weight while also improving corrosion resistant compared to standard steel fasteners. Also new is a 4-piece set of lightweight titanium motor screws that includes two 3x8mm and two 3x10mm fasteners. Like the above lower screw kit the set will improve looks, reduce weight and prevents rust even in demanding racing conditions. Available in Bada Bling or Stealth black finish for added visual impact.

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April 3, 2018

RC Speed Secrets YZ-4 hybrid ceramic bearings

Coming from RC Speed Secrets and made for the Yokomo YZ-4 buggy are four new Next Level series hybrid ceramic ball bearing sets. They are available as complete set including gearbox, wheel and steering rack ball race kits but also as separate sets to outfit specific areas of the buggy. The hybrid stainless steel and ceramic bearings are 21 percent lighter than popular ABEC3 ball races, they are highly corrosion resistant and come lightly oiled to reduce natural drivetrain drag and increase efficiency. The complete set includes 22 bearings, the gearbox set comes with two 5x13mm, two 5×10 and six 10x15mm ball races while the wheel hub set utilises six 5x10mm and two 5x13mm ball bearings. Last but not least is the steering rack bearings set consisting of four 5x10x4mm ball races.

Source: RC Speed Secrets [rcspeedsecrets.com]

March 27, 2018

RCSS EB410 finned titanium turnbuckles & diff screws

RC Speed Secrets have introduced two new optional parts for the Tekno EB410 buggy in the form of finned titanium turnbuckles and deep socket head titanium diff screws. Starting with the turnbuckles, they are made from top-quality grade 5 titanium and offer a finned design for looks and weight reduction. The 6-piece set is available in RCSS’ special Bada Bling oil-slick or Stealth Black finish. Also new is a 4-piece set of titanium deep socket head differential screws for the EB410. Machined from lightweight grade 5 titanium the screws, used throughout the buggy’s three differentials, will reduce rotational mass and overall weight for improved car performance. Available in Bada Bling oil-slick or Stealth Black finish, they also add visual impact while building, maintaining or tuning the diffs. Three packs of screws are needed to equip a buggy.

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