August 7, 2020

Rickside Design Products 22 5.0 DC Elite D mount

Japanese brand Rickside Design Products have introduced their new heavy duty aluminium D mount for the TLR 22 5.0 DC Elite buggy. The suspension hanger is machined from high-quality aluminium and it comes black anodised and with machined silver edge details. Due to its design it is a lot more durable compared to the stock part and it can be used with the standard composite suspension inserts.

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April 1, 2020

Rickside Design 12mm hex tyre sanding tool

Rickside Design from Japan have introduced their new tyre sanding tool for the use with 12mm hex wheels. Lightweight and compact the adapter is usable with most rotary tools and its 12mm hex adapter allows to sand 1/10th scale buggy and truck wheels as well as 1/10th touring car tyres, making tyre prepping easy. The long threaded inserts allows to use large offset wheels such as truck tyres and an O-ring equipped thumb nut ensures reliable fixing of the wheel.

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February 4, 2020

Rickside Design 1/8 buggy front wing & wing drill jig

Coming from Japanese brand Rickside Design are an add-on front wing for many 1/8th scale buggies as well as a wing drill jig. Starting with the front wing, the 3-D-printed part is made of high-grade nylon material for exceptional durability even when the going gets tough. The wing was designed as a direct bolt-on to the front gearboxes of the latest Mugen, HB Racing and Team Associated buggies and it features three pre-marked mounting holes that can be easily drilled for a perfect fit.

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March 7, 2019

Rickside Design 7.6V 4400mAh shorty battery pack

Rickside Design from Japan have announced the release of their new 7.6V 4400mAh LiHV shorty battery pack. The low centre of gravity pack measures 95.1×46.5×21.8mm and it weighs in at 183g. The battery is built from high-quality 100C graphene technology cells and it utilises 4mm bullet-type connectors.

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February 13, 2018

Rickside Design Products MBX8/7 alloy suspension balls

Rickside Design Products from Japan have introduced new aluminium suspension balls and pivots for the Mugen MBX8 and MBX7 line of vehicles. First up is a complete set of six 7mm flanged hex balls, four 7mm balls, four 6mm hex balls as well as four 6mm shock end and four 6mm sway bar link balls. All are made of high-quality 7075-T6 aluminium and they come hard anodised for high wear resistance. Using the alloy balls will reduce the overall, and unsprung, weight of the MBX8 and MBX7 series vehicles and the different design balls are also available as separate sets for spares or repair.

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July 26, 2017

Rickside Design O.S. engines low-profile cooling head

Coming from Rickside Design and made for a range of O.S. nitro engines is the Nitro Shock low-profile cooling head. The silver colour head sports Rickside Design graphics and it is usable on the O.S. Max-21 XZ-B Ver.2, the O.S. Speed XZ-B Spec 2 and Spec 3 as well the O.S. Speed B2101 and B2102 engines.

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March 3, 2017

Rickside B6 wing mount extensions & Ackermann plates

Japanese brand Rickside Design Products has introduced two new option parts for the Team Associated B6 and B6D buggies. First up are 4mm wing mount extensions made of aluminium. The bushings were designed to set the wing further back which can result in improved downforce especially at high speeds while also shifting some weight towards the rear. The mounts are machined from high-quality aluminium, they come black anodised and including longer mounting screws. By using a double layer of bushings the wing can be set at a +8mm offset for even greater influence.

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January 21, 2016

Rickside Design metal grease

Rickside Design metal grease

New from Japanese company Rickside Design comes a high-temperature resistant metal grease for a range of applications. The lube is ideal for all metal-to-metal connections such as the cross and drive pins of universal and CV driveshafts as well as all other applications where friction and heat build-up is a problem. The high-viscosity grease comes in convenient 10g snap cap cans and it is available from end of January.

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