November 7, 2018

Ride DF 190mm touring car wing set

Coming from Ride is their new DF wing set for 190mm touring car body shells. Inspired by nature design the wings sport specially-shaped wave sections – as seen on dragonfly wings – to create downforce even at low air speeds. The set includes a type A wing for medium to high speed tracks and Modified classes, sporting a full-face wave section, while the type B wing was designed for low to medium speeds and Stock racing classes – the latter wing only utilises wave sections on the outer portions. Included in the set are four printed carbon fibre side plates and the wings are usable for most 190mm touring car body shells.

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June 8, 2018

Ride 60mm SC M-type tyres

Coming from Ride are their new 60mm SC tyres for Tamiya M-Chassis and similar cars. The pre-mounted tyres have been redesigned and they feature a new thin yet highly durable inner belt and the new LT insert. The tyres come on white multi-spoke rims and in colour-coded red 28M, white 30M, yellow 33M and black 36M compounds.

Please note that above image shows the old spec tyres.

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July 11, 2017

3DRC Project 4X air remover shock stand

3DRC from Germany have introduced their new Ride air remover shock stand insert specially designed for the dampers of the Serpent Project 4X touring car. The 3-D-printed part allows to securely hold the small heave and roll shocks during filling and while leaving them in Ride’s air remover tool. By turning the insert upside down it also securely holds the gear diff case during filling. The insert exclusively fits Ride’s short air remover and it is available directly through 3DRC’s Shapeways store.

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April 24, 2017

Ride sign Jan Ratheisky

Ride have announced the signing of Xray’s Jan Ratheisky to their factory team. The German front runner and multi-class specialist has a long list of international race wins under his belt at events such as the ETS, TITC and many more. Jan will be using the full range of Ride products while also helping with Research and Development and he had the following to say:

I’m really happy to join team Ride and excited to be a part of the team to represent the brand and the products. Also, I will be involving product testing for their R&D and will start using all Ride products at the race events I will attend. Looking forward to see everyone at the tracks.

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March 29, 2017

Ride GR F-1 pre-glued 1/10th formula tyres

Ride have officially introduced their new GR F-1 pre-glued front and rear tyres for 1/10th formula cars. The belted high-grip tyres are available as GR F-1 and GR-X F1 front as well as GR F-1 rear variant all of which come on black multi-spoke rims suitable for all “narrow” F104-style formula cars. The GR front and rear tyres are the official handout tyres for the outdoor races of the 2016/17 ENS season.

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March 15, 2016

Ride touring car tyre glueing base

Ride touring car tyre glueing base

The Ride touring car tyre glueing base makes glue of new or regluing of used touring car tyres a breeze. Offering a solid base as well as an attachable wheel post the tool is easy to use and store and thanks the to wheel not touching the surface during rotation there is no risk to ruin that freshly applied glue line.

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September 14, 2015

Ride XR 1/10th formula tyres

Ride XR 1/10th formula tyres

Ride have introduced the all-new XR 1/10th formula front and rear tyres. In development for almost two years the runner-up version of the highly popular R1 will retain positive features such as multi-surface ability and low wear while sporting new rim with larger inner diameter and a reinforced outer edge to make for a more durable and better performing wheel. An updated injection process of the rims raises quality and trueness. The updated tyres feature re-designed profiles for increased steering response, better side bite and forward traction while the rubber compound used offers the same easy driving feeling as the R1 but with extra steering response everyone was waiting for. The pre-glued tyres, that will be the new controlled ETS Formula class hand-out wheels, are rounded out by all-new inserts which are of a more stable material for consistent performance over time.

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