August 29, 2021

RudeBits Cheaters foam inserts

RudeBits have released their line of Cheaters foam inserts for 1/10th offroad. After extensive testing with various cars at various tracks and with various tyres, they discovered a combination of size and density of foam that promotes consistency and quicker lap times. They tooled up and designed the RB Foams which offer a unique size to all other foams on the market. With more absorption and progressive over bumps as well as more support for the tyre, especially after a few laps they claim to provide more side bite and faster lap times. Available as single pairs or in bulk as 5 and 10 pair sets.

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August 11, 2020

RudeBits Agama vented & grooved brake discs

RudeBits have announced the release of their new vented and grooved brake discs for the Agama range of nitro off-road vehicles. Made from hardened steel for long wear and featuring a drilled and grooved design for improved cooling and thus less brake fading even in long mains, the rotors are also about 20 percent lighter than the standard parts for reduced drivetrain masses and hence better acceleration. While adding to the overall performance the stoppers are also looking the part and they are available from now on.

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July 8, 2020

RudeBits black 1/8th off-road rear wing

New from RudeBits is a black colour off-road rear wing for 1/8th scale buggies and trucks. At only 50g the wing is very lightweight and moulded from a very flexible material to eliminate the snap affect most similar rear wings have. The wing offers low to medium down force and is adjustable with manufacture rear angled spacers while a position grid on the underside ensures easy accurate hole positioning for fitment to all the current 1/8th scale models. In use the the wing is extremely stable in jumping, eliminating the need of drilled holes as becoming customary at race tracks of late. The wing is available in black colour only.

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July 2, 2020

RudeBits multi-functional pliers

RudeBits’ multi-functional pliers are the latest addition to the company’s Rude not to! brand. The pliers allow to hold or assemble shock shafts, shock top and bottom caps as well as measure screws, holes, and pins, assemble ball cups and many more. The tool is machined from high-quality aluminium, it comes black anodised for looks and wear resistance and it features white laser-engraved markings.

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June 26, 2020

RudeBits 17mm captive serrated wheel nuts

RudeBits have introduced their new 17mm captive serrated wheel nuts for 1/8th scale buggies, trucks, and GT cars. Machined from high-quality 7075 aluminium the wheel nuts offer a scale appearance for visual impact while their closed design ensures protection to the wheel axle and less chance of collecting dirt. The serrated back will grip into the wheel, ensuring the nut will not come lose unintended during a run. The wheel nut is available in blue, black, orange, and red colors.

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June 23, 2020

RudeBits vented & grooved 1/8th off-road brake discs

Coming from RudeBits are their new vented and grooved brake discs for Serpent and Team Associated 1/8th off-road kits. Specially designed and shaped the hardened steel brake discs will make for reliable stopping performance even during long mains and in high ambient temperatures while scrubbing about 25 percent of weight at the same time. In addition to the Serpent and Team-Associated-compatible discs, RudeBits will offer fitments for other brand in the near future.

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June 22, 2020

RudeBits shock & diff seals grease

New to RudeBits’ Rude not to! range of accessories is a water-resistant and Lithium-based shock and diff seals grease. Coming in large 10ml jars the lube will ensure protection of shock and differential seals, ensuring a long life of silicone O and X-rings as well as smooth overall performance.

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