October 5, 2021

Samix Enduro front bumper mount

Samix have produced this aluminium front bumper mount for the Element RC Enduro. Featuring two holes that allows the bumper to optionally sit 3.7mm closer to the front of the rails compared to the standard position, to improve ground clearance. Made from high quality black anodised aluminium, the part increases the strength as well as rigidity and durability.

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January 18, 2021

Samix SCX24 brass differential cover

From Samix for the Axial SCX24 is this brass differential cover. Machined from solid brass, and black coated, the part adds 9 grams of total weight to each axle. Suitable for the front and rear axle, the parts also adds strength to this area and increases durability.

Source: Samix [rcsamix.com]

December 28, 2020

Samix Enduro aluminium diff covers

Samix have released these aluminium diff covers for the Element RC Enduro crawler. As you can see they come in three different colours, red, black and gun metal, the part helping improve the rigid and durability of the area while at the same time looking great.

Source: Samix [rcsamix.com]

November 26, 2020

Samix SCX10 III & Capra brass steering combo

Continuing their releases for the Axial SCX10 III and Capra, Samix have introduced this brass knuckle & portal cover set & scale brake rotor plus 8mm hex combo set. For a combined weight gain of 315 grams, this offers a better centre or gravity and forward weight bias for climbing. Made of high quality brass and etched with L and R for ease of installation, the parts have been black coated to help prevent corrosion and given gold highlights for that factory look. The scale brake rotor & calliper complete the look.

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November 23, 2020

Samix SCX10-3 & Capra 8mm alu hexes

New for the SCX10-3 & Capra are these 8mm aluminium hex adapters from Samix. Made of high quality CNC machined aluminium, they are a direct fit on the car and come in 3 different colours, black, grey and silver.

Source: Samix [rcsamix.com]

November 17, 2020

Samix Capra brass knuckle

New from Samix for the Capra, is this black coated brass knuckle. Weighing in at 56g per side, they provide improved centre or gravity and forward weight bias for climbing. Additionally they offer better durability and rigidity over the factory plastic parts and like the other Samix parts they are a direct fit. Made of high quality brass and black coated to help prevent corrosion, they are etched with L and R for ease of installation.

Source: Samix [rcsamix.com]

November 11, 2020

Samix SCX10-3 brass inner & outer drive shaft set

Samix have released this brass inner & outer drive shaft combo set for the SCX10-3. Made of high quality brass material, with a black coating to avoid oxidation, they weigh a total of 97g and improve the rigidity and durability of the drivetrain. The Samix logo has been etched into the coating and both inner and outer shaft set are included

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