July 18, 2019

Schelle Duo carbon 1/10th & 1/8th wing buttons

Schelle Racing Innovations have announced the release of their new Duo carbon fibre wing buttons for 1/10th Team Associated and 1/8th Team Associated and Mugen kits. The 1/10th scale variant is machined from 2.5mm carbon and features flush countersunk mounting positions for the wing screws. It ensures a tighter and more secure wing mounting while also acting as a jig to pre-drip wings. The button fits B6.1, B74, B6 series, B64 or B64D and basically all recent Associated 10th scales. As for the larger brother, the Duo wing button for the Team Associated RC8B3.1 and Mugen MBX8 vehicles, the part is machined from 2.5mm carbon fibre for cool looks, a light weight and exceptional stability.

View the 1/8th scale wing button here

June 6, 2019

Schelle Racing Innovations B74 fan mount & wire clip

Schelle Racing Innovations have introduced their new fan mount and wire clip for the Team Associated B74 buggy. The simple fan mount design and included wire routing clip will make the install a breeze. No servo tape, no customisation needed – and it fits all 30mm fans. The design features a low profile fan placement, hovers a fraction of a millimetre off the chassis and it is a direct bolt on fit that installs in minutes. Included comes a wire clip to keep those wires from getting sucked into the drive-train. The set includes the 3-D-printed fan mount, wire clip, M3x16 BH screws for fan, and M3x10 BH screw for mounting.

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June 3, 2019

Schelle B74 ball bearing kits & titanium screw kit

Schelle Racing Innovations have announced the release of new optionals for the Team Associated B74 buggy in the form of two ball bearing sets and a screw kit. Starting with the ball bearing kits, the range includes an 18-piece Hybrid Ceramic Pro set, containing ten ceramic gearbox ball races as well as ten Onyx Pro axle ball bearings. Also available is the full 18-piece Onyx Pro set. Also available now is a titanium upper screw set that replaces the standard steel fasteners for lighter and cooler looking titanium screws. The benefit, beside weight saving and a lower centre of gravity is an improved visual appearance and greater corrosion resistance.

View the titanium screws here

April 5, 2019

Schelle Onyx Plus 2WD buggy 3-gear bearing set

Schelle Racing Innovations have introduced the Onyx Plus 3-gear bearing set for the use with the most popular 1/10th 2WD buggies. The gearbox set includes ceramic 5x10mm ball races for the high RPM topshaft and idler, as well as Onyx oiled 10x15mm bearing for the differential. The mixed set is ideal for racers who look after the wallet but wanting a specialty bearing set for their Team Associated, TLR, Kyosho, or Yokomo 2WDs.

Source: Schelle Racing Innovations [schelleracing.com]

April 5, 2019

Schelle E-Buggy cell spacer & wall

New from Schelle Racing Innovations comes their 1/8th eBuggy 10mm battery spacer and wall is a secure substitute to adjust weight bias for Team Associated, Mugen, and Xray E-Buggys. Sold as a front cell spacer, or a set with an added rear wall, racers can modify their battery box to centralise the weight of the heavy 4S battery on the chassis. The result of this setup is getting more grip exiting turns. Some modification to the existing battery compartment is required, instructions are included.

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April 4, 2019

Schelle RC8B3.1 2-row carbon rear tower

Schelle Racing Innovations’ 2-row carbon fibre rear shock tower was developed for both the electric and nitro RC8B3.1 series buggy and offers a a second upper row of mount holes to move the entire shock when running a low roll centre on the rear hubs. Having the hinge pin close to the rear axle, commonly called “hubs down” will be shifting the shock along with the axle height on the rear hinge pin, giving the advantage of more up-travel. In bumpy conditions on hard cornering, the additional travel helps the tyres to navigate the surface without bottoming the shock and upsetting the chassis. The lower row of holes matches the kit geometry and is intended for running in the HRC axle height on the rear hub. The tower is cut from 4mm material, it has a no-pockets design to prevent delimitation and large hole spacing increases durability. The tower fits RC8B3.1, 3.1e, and older RC8B3 versions.

Source: Schelle Racing Innovations [schelleracing.com]

January 23, 2019

Schelle Racing Innovations B6 laydown spur guard

Schelle Racing Innovations have introduced a laydown transmission spur guard for the older spec Team Associated B6 buggies. The 3-D-printed part works with the kit B6 laydown motor plate and stops body rubs by keeping the body away from the spur gear. Strategic mount screw locations let drivers remove the spur guard without disassembling the car.

Source: Schelle Racing Innovations [schelleracing.com]

August 20, 2018

Schelle B6.1 & T6.1 Nova slipper clutch sets

Coming from Schelle Racing Innovations are the Nova Slipper clutch sets for the Team Associated B6.1 and T6.1 kits. The 3-plate compact slipper clutch offers improved driving feel, greater duality and a lower mass. The weight is reduced by over 6g while offering 20 percent more torque capacity in a compact package that helps to put more power to the ground. The sets include two slipper pads of each type , white and red, and a tuning guide to help racers learn how to tune the clutch for different conditions from slick dirt to astro-turf. The B6.1 buggy Set includes 72 and 78 tooth spur gears for either spec of modified racing while the T6.1 set, that is also compatible with the SC6.1, comes with two 81T spur gears.

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