July 15, 2007

Solaroli Tuning Picco Evo3 .12

Solaroli Tuning Picco Evo3 .12

We wrote about the Solaroli tuned Picco engines back in March when the Italian driver released his hand tuned Evo2 .12 and .21 engines. Now with the basic Picco engines updated, for better durability and performance, Stefano has hand worked and is now selling the Evo3 version of the Picco .12 motor. The work that is done features porting of the liner, and other work, as well as optimising and polishing the crankshaft to get the absolute best out of the engine.

Source: Solaroli RC Tuning [solarolirctuning.com]

March 7, 2007

Solaroli Tuning Picco Evo2 .21 and .12

Solaroli Tuning Picco Evo2

Solaroli Tuning, if you haven’t heard of them, is a company run by top Italian racer Stefano Solaroli who, amongst other things, tunes motors like only Italians know how. While he tunes all different makes of motor, his current pair of offerings are from Picco and are based on the new Evo2 .21 and .12 engines which in turn is similar to the current range of Mega ZX engines. Stefano has done all the usual work like porting the liner and working, optimising and polishing the crankshaft to get the absolute most from the engine. Expect them to be fast but suprisingly they arent too expensive despite all the hand work done to them.

Check out the image of the .12 engine here… content