April 3, 2020

Spectacle Engineering B74 low-profile shock towers

Coming from Spectacle Engineering are their new low and super low profile carbon fibre shock towers for the Team Associated B74 4WD buggy. The concept is aimed to optimise performance on high traction and high speed EOS-style tracks. Through the use of the shock package from the B6.1/6.2 2WD buggy, the designers were able to lower the shock towers, both front and rear, thus lowering centre of gravity. Testing also showed that a more upright shock angle in combination with a shorter camber link was beneficial. SE also found there was room to lower the rear wing mount, which lowered the center of gravity even further. Two specifications are available: Low which is versatile and adjustable to suit most conditions while lowering the centre of gravity compared to the stock shock towers. The Low shock towers are designed to be used with long eyelets and stock springs. The Super Low towers were optimised for ultimate performance on high grip EOS-style tracks. Designed to be used with short eyelets and short (57mm) springs at the rear, these geometries are on-the-limit, and slight modification to the wishbones might be needed.

View all four shock towers here