January 9, 2018

Speedtech RC CK25 aluminium chassis set

Speedtech RC, the brand of German 1/12th scale wizard Markus Mobers, is now offering a red anodised aluminium chassis and lower pod plate set for the CRC CK25. Developed and tested by Speedtech RC team drivers, the prototype chassis has already achieved some racing pedigree by winning the Masters of Foam race. The chassis set is considered to be a hot ticket for all high-traction environments – as they are expected for the upcoming 1/12th scale EFRA Euros in Sittard. The alloy chassis set is a direct replacement and available now.

Source: Speedtech RC [speedtechrc.de]

December 21, 2012

MobGums Trueruns 1/12 tyres

MobGums Trueruns 1/12 tyres

Speedtech RC have announced their new line of 1/12 tyres called MobGums Trueruns. After countless test sessions the result is an outstanding performance on the track. Their new wheel will be fluorescent yellow for maximum visibility with the offset on the rear wheels has only changed slightly compared to their old tyre line, while the front wheels will be smaller to increase steering and to allow faster cornering. The rubber donuts are now cut in a special way that improves traction overall which during their test session proved to be an advantage. Aside from their already existing rubber shore structure, a new pink soft compound will also be added.

Source: Speedtech [speedtechrc.de]

December 11, 2012

SpeedTech carpet additive

Tyre Additive have announced their new carpet additive called SpeedTech. Developed with the help of front running 1/12th scale racer Markus Mobers this new product completes their line of additives. Formulated for foam and rubber tires on carpet it increases the tyre grip without making cars difficult to drive and helps you push from the first laps until the end.

Source: Tyre Additve [tyreadditive.com]

August 13, 2011

Speedtech RC MobGums 1/12 scale tyres


Speedtech RC from Germany now have an extended line of MobGum tyres for 1/12 scale on-road cars available. Additionally to the existing line of tyres the company now offers Jaco Magenta and Double-Pink front as well as Pink and Magenta rear foam on Yokomo R12 wheels. Also, MobGums tyres on grey Prism wheels will be shipped in a race ready size now. The rears feature 45 mm diameter with the front tyres being 43 mm in size. This does away with the often unwanted need to trim and true the tyres before use.

Source: Speedtech RC [speedtechrc.de]