December 11, 2019

RC-Square Parsec pan car alloy side spring retainers

RC-Square have introduced new aluminium side spring retainers for the Parsec pan cars. Machined from aluminium and sporting a black surface coating for wear, the spring retainers offer greater precision, they hole the side springs more secure and also allow for easier adjustment. The retainers come as pairs and include suitable mounting grub screws.

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October 17, 2019

Parsec 12A 1/12th scale pan car kit

Square have introduced the new Parsec 12A 1/12th scale competition pan car kit. The vehicle is based on a 2.5mm 7075-T6 aluminium chassis that ensures exceptional drivability in a wide range of track conditions while offering reliability and durability at the same time. The front suspension is highly adjustable, with the design allowing to run a friction damper setup or a standard spring-type suspension while also offering a wide range of track width adjustments. Newly designed POM side dampers ensure smooth suspension movement while the centre shock is length adjustable to adapt the suspension to a wide range of track conditions. The kit comes standard with a locked-type rear axle, however it can be converted to a ball differential using optional parts. The kit is rounded out by titanium turnbuckles, and a low centre of gravity aluminium motor mount.

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May 16, 2018

Square Parsec-C 1/10th pan car kit

Square have introduced their new Parsec-C 1/10th pan car kit. The versatile design allows to use a wide range of body shells from LMP, GT over to touring cars as the wheelbase is adjustable in a range of 256mm to 261mm while the overall width measures 183mm to 196mm depending on the setting. The car is based on a carbon fibre chassis with a front upper deck and front torque rod for pitch stiffness while the rear end houses the quick release short battery mount. The front end utilises a 1/12th scale adopted suspension design for great tuneability of caster and camber settings while the rear power pod is made up using CNC-machined alloy side plates and a dual tube damper construction. The kit was developed for the use with Tamiya F103-style wheels and tyres, however it is also usable with modern day Formula rubber tyres and it will become available by mid-May.

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April 13, 2018

Parsec-C & Parsec-12 hard front end plastics

RC Square have introduced new hard composite front end plastics for the Parsec-C 1/10th and Parsec-12 1/12th scale pan cars. The parts allow to adjust the reactive caster in three steps while also incorporating a front damper system that helps to settle the front end in a wide range of track conditions. The hard plastic compound ensures good durability and exceptional precision and the items are usable on both the Parsec-C and Parsec-12 kits.

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January 21, 2016

Square RC Monkey Flex short touring car springs

Square RC Monkey Flex short touring car springs

Japanese company Square have introduced the RC Monkey Flex short touring car springs. The short spec springs were developed in cooperation with Japanese RC news platform RC Monkey and they are available in hard, medium-hard, medium and medium-soft variants. Prototypes of the springs already prove their performance by taking the TQ and win at round 5 of the AOC, held at the Yatabe Arena in Japan.

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September 26, 2015

Square “RC Monkey” touring car springs

Square "RC Monkey" touring car springs

Japanese option parts company Square in cooperation with Japanese RC news platform RC Monkey have announced the soon release of the RC Monkey 1/10th touring car springs. Developed with users in a nationwide monitoring test the springs are meant to be easy to use especially for beginners with the precise manufacturing satisfying the expert also. The colour-coded standard-length springs come in pairs and they are available in hard, medium-hard, medium and medium-soft stiffness from the end of September.

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March 18, 2008

Square made Tamiya TRF416 options

Square made Tamiya TRF416 options

Japanese company Square have recently released some new option parts for the Tamiya TRF416. Starting with this pair of C-hubs, they have been made from blue anodised machined aluminium thus adding stiffness to this area without adding much weight. Also for the front of the car is a pair of machined aluminium steering blocks, which like the C-hub parts, makes this area very stiff without adding much weight while giving the user the choice of a 3rd steering rod mounting point.

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