April 23, 2020

T4works Tamiya vintage buggy alloy front bumper

T4works from Japan have introduced their new aluminium front bumper designed for vintage Tamiya buggies such as the Grasshopper, Hornet and many more. Of a sturdy yet lightweight design the bumper improves chassis protection while also looking the part and it is available in ten different colour variants to match about any car and body colour. Beside the Grasshopper and Hornet the bumper also fits the Lunchbox, Midnight Pumpin, Pajero, Wild One, Attack Buggy, Monster Beetle, Blackfoot, Subaru Brat and all other chassis that utilise the above mounting patterns.

View more images and the colour variants here

May 17, 2018

T4Works Tamiya DT & WR series alloy steering knuckles

T4Works from Japan have introduced their new range of aluminium steering knuckles for the DT and WR series of 2WD entry-level buggies and truck from Tamiya. The parts are machined from high-quality aluminium and come with a suitable – short or long – set of precision-machined steel front axles for improved durability. The short axle sets are usable on kits such as the DT-02, DT-02T, DT-02MS and DT-03 as well as the Dune Buggy 2011 and Holiday Buggy 2010. The long axle sets will fit the DT-03T and Blitzer series trucks as well as the WR-02 Wild Willy 2, and the WR-02VW Typ2 Willie but they are not compatible with the WR-02C and WR-02G. All sets are available in a range of colours including purple, gold, pink, bright blue, red and black from end of May.

View the colour variants here

January 12, 2018

T4works Tamiya Star Disk wheel covers

Japanese brand T4works have introduced a set of Star Disk wheel covers for the rims of kits such as the Frog, Grasshopper or Hornet. The wheels covers are machined from high-quality aluminium and they will come in a range of colours including black, chrome, pink, light blue, blue green, orange, red, gold and purple. They attach to the outer part of the rim and add visual impact by complementing the body shell colours.

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