October 21, 2021

Team Brood Racing 7075 & magnesium slipper plates

New from Team Brood Racing come two innovative options for one of the most critical components in any off-road competition racing buggy, the slipper clutch. Through strategic design and machining, including multi-axis vent holes, additional heat-sinking capability is achieved. The plate faces feature vented dust channels which allow pad dust to exit the assembly, rather than build up on either the pad or plate, causing an uneven surface and inconsistent operation. Additionally, the slipper plates are available in two materials each with its own unique coating. The 7075 aluminium version is hard anodised, and are perfect for the modified and drag racing class drivers looking to save weight as well as realise the cooling, and hardness benefits that 7075 aluminium offers. Even though 7075 is heavier than the 6061 aluminium that most OEM slipper plates are made from, the Team Brood Racing aluminium slipper plates are 0.1 – 0.3 grams lighter due to the design. The Magnesium version is crafted in elegance from AZ61 magnesium and MAO coated for increased thermal resistance and surface hardness. These are targeted for the stock class racer looking for big weight savings in rotating mass, but without the poor driving feel of a slipper eliminator. These are not only limited to stock racing however, and have shown to provide excellent cooling with less fade, especially in the modified off-road classes. Even drag racers looking to shave every bit of weight from their drivetrain will benefit, as each plate is one gram each lighter than an OEM 6061 aluminium plate. Available for both the TLR 22 and B6 platforms.

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September 23, 2019

Team Brood Racing B-Mag Magnesium washers

Team Brood Racing’s B-Mag Magnesium washers are a first of their kind tuning option made for discriminating racers. Precision machined from AZ31 grade magnesium and nickel-plated, these washers are ideal for a variety of applications – ball stud risers, hub spacers, steering knuckle spacers, etc. Most know that magnesium is about 35 percent lighter than a comparable aluminium part, but magnesium also offers superior dent resistance for improved precision over time, and is able to be machined to incredibly strict tolerances for more accurate suspension settings. Most importantly magnesium has the highest known damping capacity of any structural metal available. B-Mag magnesium washers are available in multiple sizes – from 0.35mm to 2.0mm in 0.25mm increments, and 2.0mm to 3.5mm in 0.5mm increments allowing subtle increment changes and precision tuning. The size options also reduce the need to stack washers as stacking can cause binding under load, friction, inconsistent torque specs, and setting changes due to washer shift, which can impact consistency and long term performance. The washers feature a flashy nickel plated finish, but not just for the look. Nickel offers resistance to corrosion and wear, improved hardness, additional strength, and enhanced ductility. The washers are available in several combinations including 0.35/0.75mm 4-each packs, 1.25/1.5/1.75mm 2-each packs, 2.5/3.0/3.5mm 2-each packs, as 0.35mm/0.5mm/1mm 4-each and 2mm 2-each pack and also as complete tuning kit.

Source: Team Brood Racing [teambrood.com]

June 23, 2007

Team Br00d releasing their Factory team?

Team Br00d dropping Factory team

We are hearing a rumour out of the US that custom motor building firm Team Br00d has run into some financial problems and as a result is having to release its contracted factory drivers. We hope that these difficulties wont affect the production of their motors, and their other business concerns, but we believe it has left many top drivers looking for new motor sponsors. According to the team list on the companys website this could affect factory drivers Travis Amezcua, Billy Easton, Mike Blackstock, Travis Schreven, Ralph Burch, Chris Tosolini, Jarrod Langlois, Jarrod Scott & Dakotah Phend, some of which have only recently signed to the company. We hope to bring you more details about this situation when we hear them.

UPDATE: According to Eddie O on RC Tech yesterday, he says that Burch and Tosolini are staying put for the time being and Schreven will also be representing Br00d at next months Nationals.

UPDATE 2: We were contacted by Team Brood to clarify their situation and it seems that all is very well with the business, with a lot of infrastructure upgrades recently implemented and lots of additions to the companys inventory. There has been some changes in their team, as we heard, with these changes mostly affecting their paid team drivers, but they will retain the services of Travis Schreven as well as Burch and Tosolini for the time being. Team Brood also stated that they had added some members to their team line-up but that the list on their site is yet to be updated. Good to hear.

May 15, 2007

Mike Blackstock signs to Team Br00d

Mike Blackstock signs to Team Br00d

Team Br00d have announced that they have signed up top US racer Mike Blackstock to run its motors and batteries. Debuting with his new sponsors at next weeks Reedy Race in California, Mike leaves behind a long and successful spell at Trinity to join the team that has already snapped up top racers like Ralph Burch and Chris Tosolini. Mike only recently signed to Corally after a spell with Xray.

In our never ending quest for domination, Team br00d has signed Mike Blackstock to run Team br00d Racing motors and batteries…..Mike will be making his debut with our products at the 2007 Reedy Race of Champions.

Source: RC Tech [rctech.net]

February 7, 2007

Chris Tosolini signs for Team Br00d

Chris Tosolini signs for Team Brood

Multiple US National Champion Chris Tosolini has signed to Team Br00d and will use their batteries and motors from this weeks Snowbird Nationals onwards. Chris up until this move used Checkpoint cells and motors and made the decision to move over to his new sponsor after giving its products a trial run at the Novak US touring car champs event last month.

Source: RC Tech [rctech.net]

December 30, 2006

Ralph Burch signs for Team Br00d

Ralph Burch signs for Team Br00d

More driver movements, this time its the turn of US RC racing legend Ralph Burch (old pic) to change motor supplier to Team Br00d. Ralph of course continues with Xray, the car his company RC America imports, and will also continue with SMC batteries. The statement from Eddie O of Team Br00d reads:

Team br00d Racing is proud to announce that Multi-Time National Champion Ralph Burch has signed to race Team br00d Racing Motors……Ralph will continue to run SMC batteries. Ralph will be debuting his br00d powered Xray at the Novak race next week….the one and only Garrett Smith will be tuning Ralph’s Checkpoint based modified motors….

Source: RC Tech [rctech.net]