May 4, 2020

Team EAM 5500 Ultra Narrow Slim Race Pack battery

Available now from Team EAM is their 5500mah 130C Ultra Narrow LiPo pack. The battery feature a completely new Graphene chemistry that offers low internal resistance and high voltage output for greater performance in all classes while still maintaining exceptional durability. The slim pack is ideal for the latest generation of mid-motor touring cars, and all packs are QC checked and tested to ensure they meet Team EAM standards for quality and reliability.

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April 28, 2018

Team EAM 8000mAh 2S Graphene Formula LiPo

Team EAM have introduced their all-new 110C 8000mAh 2S Graphene Formula LiPo battery pack. It features a completely new chemistry that offer the lowest resistance and highest voltage output available for greater performance in all classes while still maintaining exceptional durability and life cycles. Each pack is QC checked and tested to ensure it meets Team EAM standards for quality and reliability. The pack is built to meet ROAR specs, it utilises 5mm bullet connectors, comes in a reusable storage box and the 8000mAh pack weighs in at 322g.

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April 13, 2018

Team EAM 1/12th pan car spool axle

Team EAM have introduced their new spool rear axle for 1/12th pan cars. A popular setup for very high bite “black” carpet tracks, the solid axle will make for improved traction due to getting rid of the standard ball differential that can slip when using low-wind motors. The purpose designed and constructed axle shaft features aluminium inserts, weighing in at 0.2g each, to keep the carbon from compressing while clamping down the hubs. Without these the hubs will come loose and fly off during a race and eventually drivers can also crush the axle while trying to keep the hubs tight. The axle is available in hollow or solid variants from now on.

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August 3, 2017

Team EAM 1S 6100mAh Graphene LiPo battery pack

Team EAM have introduced their new Graphene series 3.7V 1S 6100mAh LiPo battery pack. The all-new Graphene formula was designed for the lowest resistance and high voltage output all in combination with improved reliability. The hardcase pack weighs in at 153g and utilises 5mm bullet connectors.

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July 20, 2017

Team EAM Hudy setup station acrylic holders

Team EAM have introduced acrylic holders for the Hudy setup stations for both touring car and 2WD on-road. The magnets in the base will keep the setup stands from falling over and keep them neat and organised on the pit table and they also sport a slot in the back for the toe plate. Dedicated milled-out pockets also hold the wheel nuts for both TCs and pan cars.

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July 4, 2017

Team EAM Graphene 6000mAh LiPo packs

Coming from Team EAM are the new Graphene 6000mAh standard and LCG LiPo battery packs. Both are built using high-performance 110C cells whose Graphene technology makes for a lower internal resistance and greater reliability. The packs perform better under load, making them ideal for both modified and stock racing and as an industry first, they sport balancer ports on both sided of the case. As for the weight, the 25mm standard battery weighs in at 308g while the 23mm LCG battery weighs in at 288g. Both make use of 5mm bullet type connectors, they sport side labels that will not be ripped off by battery tape and they are available now.

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May 26, 2017

Team EAM 6400mAh 4S Graphene LiPo battery pack

Coming from Team EAM is the 14.8V 6400mAh Graphene LiPo battery pack. The cell structure and Graphene formula makes for improved performance and reliability while the large capacity allows to run hotter motors even in long 1/8th scale class mains. The battery is built using 5mm high-Amp bullet-type connectors, it utilises a built-in and rubber cap sealed balance port and it comes including a JST-XH balance harness.

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August 18, 2016

Team EA Motorsports Energy Absorbent TC bumpers

Team EA Motorsports Energy Absorbent TC bumpers

Team EA Motorsports have introduced their Energy Absorbent touring car front bumpers. Offering a 6mm extended design the foam bumpers do away with the need to add material in order to better support the bodyshells and keeping them from dragging on the racing surface. In case a less forward position is desired, the specially designed foam is very easy to sand down to whatever distance is needed. The highly supportive are also very light, preserving excellent steering response compared to heavier parts. The bumper is currently available in three different configurations, solid, pre-cut with inserts, and cut-out, with the solid bumper giving the least amount of steering and the cut-out one being the most corner-hungry, and it was designed to fit the Xray T4 but it also is usable on Awesomatix, Team Associated TC7 and Gizmo cars with some minor trimming.

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