June 13, 2012

Team Grid TC6 delrin pistons

These new Team Grid delrin pistons are CNC machined and designed to fit perfectly into the TC6 1/10 touring car shocks. They will provide a smooth shock performance as they are precision machined and made specifically for the VCS shocks, giving all four shocks precise and matched dampening performance. Available in three hole configurations with 1.0mm, 1.1mm, or 1.2mm holes, they utilize the Associated VCS3 shock bushings and are ideal for racers who want further suspension tuning and handling performance. Available in individual hole kits or a complete bundle.

Source: Team Grid [gridrc.com]

March 7, 2012

Team Grid Shock Shaft Tool

Team Grid releases the ultimate tool for easy installation of shock rod end balls to shock shafts.  The Team Grid Shock Shaft Tool makes it effortless to assemble hundreds of shock shafts without ever having to squeeze a pair of pliers. The Team Grid Shock Shaft Tool uses a clamping design, so that once it is clamped down on the shock shaft, it wont let go until you are ready to release it. Incorporating 3, 3.5 and 4mm holes, this tool will accommodate almost all of today’s shock shafts, especially the 4mm shock shafts which are the toughest to install ball ends as most builders already know. CNC machined from USA Grade aluminium and anodized for durability.

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August 7, 2011

Team Grid RC8 suspension race geometry kit


Team Grid got in touch to tell us about their new race geometry suspension kit for Team Associated’s RC8 buggy. The kit converts all existing RC8 nitro or electric buggy into a super handling race machine for rough track conditions and slippery hard clay surfaces. The specially designed shock adaptors bring the shock rod ends deep into the stock arms, and the new front and rear shock towers also position the shock more upright. This new geometry enables full progressive action of the suspension arms as it navigates rough track surfaces. The shock towers offer a five position mount to tune the front and rear suspension even further. The shock towers and adaptors are CNC machined from 5mm thick aluminium and fit Team Grid’s already available suspension arms.

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September 22, 2010

Grid RC rear ball-bearing supported motor mount

Grid RC rear ball-bearing supported motor mount

Grid RC have released this rear ball bearing supported 1/8 electric motor mount for their cam style motor mount system. This new mount allows racers that have gearing setups that require over 18T pinions, to still have a ball bearing supported motor shaft and utilize the cam style mesh adjustment. Also, this new mount utilizes all the mounting screws in a 4-hole or 6-hole 1/8 motor. On a Neu/Castle you can now use all four M3 socket screws, while on a Tekin, you can use all six socket cap screws (four M3 and two M4).

Source: Grid RC [gridrc.com]

September 17, 2010

Team Grid RC RC8 motor mount

Team Grid RC RC8 motor mount

Team Grid RC have released this new motor mount for the RC8Be, RC8Te and SC8e designed with racers in mind. One of the visual things you will notice is an integrated pinion support for the motor shaft. By placing the pinion support at the end of the pinion gear, the motor can now withstand the punishing loads it is subject to during intensive racing conditions.  By machining the pinion support into a single unit, the mount is precise and very durable. For added performance, the Grid motor mount has incorporated multiple mounting holes to utilize more than two mounting screws. If you currently run Tekin motors, the Grid motor mount will use 5 of the available 6 holes. If you use the Neu/Castle motors, the Grid motor mount will use 3 of the 4 available holes. By adding more mounting screws, it is strengthening the setup and reducing the chance of any motor coming loose during hard racing conditions. Instead of using a sliding mesh setup, Team Grid has opted for a cam style mount, which provides a more precise mesh adjustment, and once set, the mesh will hold until you need to change it. Team Grid will also be releasing motor mounts for Losi, Mugen, Xray and others.

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