August 29, 2022

Gil Losi Snr – RIP

It is with sadness that we report the death of one of the great pioneers of RC racing, Gil Losi Snr.  Gil Snr was one of the founders of Team Losi Racing, a company that would become an iconic manufacturer in the world of RC racing.  It all started in the 80’s with their first product, a 64 pitch spur gear, and as they say ‘the rest is history’.  Gil Snr (pictured with the late Brian Kinwald) also played a huge part in the careers of some of the sport’s biggest names with Adam Drake one of those to quickly pay tribute to Gil “Pops” Losi.  Drake posted on his social media, ‘It’s incredibly difficult to process the news about Gil “Pops” Losi. Pops was one of the most kind, passionate, and caring people I’ve ever met. He gave me an opportunity at a very young age to represent his brand and eventually move to California to start my career in the R/C industry. I’m so grateful for the time I was able to have spent with Pops over the years at the races, working together, and at BBQ’s. I’ll always remember the good times and your passion for cars, racing, family.  Red RC would like extend our condolences to the Losi family – RIP Gil.

Image: Adam Drake [Facebook]

July 5, 2022

Xtreme Racing DBXL 2.0 gas buggy servo mount

New from Xtreme Racing and designed to fit the Losi DBXL 2.0 gas buggy, this servo mount replaces the stock plastic mount. Made using 4mm thick carbon fibre deck, aluminium standoffs and custom machined plastic radio box, this kit is designed to use only one steering servo. The kit version also comes with a carbon battery tray designed for 2 cell ‘shorty’ hard packs.

View more images of the mount here

June 23, 2022

Pro-Line Axis body for TLR 8ight-X/E 2.0

Pro-Line have already released a new Axis style race body for the just released TLR 8ight-X/E 2.0. The Axis series of race bodies is a clean-sheet design from Pro-Line and brings a fresh new look to the class. Designed with the latest in CAD technology, the Axis is a modern cab-forward design that provides enhanced downforce and jumping stability, while the included front wing adds steering response. This Axis fits both the nitro and electric configurations of the 8ight-X 2.0, with plenty of clearance for all servo linkages and a full-size 4S battery.

View more angles of the new Axis body here

June 23, 2022

Team Losi Racing 8ight-X/E 2.0 race kit

The new Team Losi Racing 8ight-X/E 2.0 Race Kit takes everything TLR have learned and applied it to this new platform with incredible attention to detail to make this the fastest and easiest to drive TLR 1/8 buggy yet. With the 8ight-X/E 2.0, drivers achieve the next level of performance, drivability, and speed. This race kit has updated everything that made it a regular on the podium including the drivetrain, suspension geometry and chassis layout. It can now be driven harder and with more pace and is a fantastic vehicle right out of the box for all levels of consumers. It includes all the desired factory team option parts and uses common metric hardware for worldwide appeal. Plus, it includes the parts needed to build the vehicle either as Nitro or Electric in a one-box purchase.

View more images and an introduction video here

June 16, 2022

JConcepts Mini-T 2.0 & B Fin titanium turnbuckle set

JConcepts have produced a titanium Fin turnbuckle set for the Losi Mini-T 2.0 & Mini-B. The base of the design is centered around a 4mm titanium hex size which gradually tapers down into a 2.5mm thread base design which accepts the standard Losi Mini-T and Mini-B ball-cup configuration. The focus of the styling surrounds the lengthened adjustment hex area and the ‘finned’ cut that rotate about the centre. The turnbuckles are lightweight, and the original ‘Fin’ design brings out the glamour and quality that makes titanium one of the most sought-after exotic materials in the world. The JConcepts turnbuckles are produced with left- and right-hand threads for ease of adjustment. The #2975 has another feature, a black colouring which gives the stealthiest look in the pits and on the track.

View the complete set here

May 30, 2022

Losi 1/16 Mini JRX2 2wd buggy RTR

The new Mini-JRX2 from Losi combines nostalgia with a touch of present day. This ultra-scaled down version of the iconic JRX2 is designed as a tribute to the memory of the original JRX2. With the all-in-one box packaging, original trim schemes and old-school handling, drivers can experience what it was like all those years ago and either make new memories or rekindle the old ones. With a 5-link rear suspension providing maximum grip in loose conditions, aluminium shocks and era-specific ribbed front tires and 4 row step pin rear tires, you get more from a Mini than ever before. It features a rear motor configuration like the original and three different trim schemes that mimic the original box art schemes of the era, all in a total ready-to-run package.

View more images of the JRX2 here

May 4, 2022

Vision Racing TLR 22X-4 C-Block -2

Vision Racing have introduced this minus two C-block for the TLR 22X-4 elite and standard 22X-4. This block takes two degrees out per side and is ideal for carpet or turf surfaces. This results in one degree of toe per side when pills are centre front and centre rear. This now gives the opportunity to move the arm in or out for more tunability.

Source: Vision Racing []

April 20, 2022

Avid TLR 22 5.0 2mm CF front shock tower

The new Avid TLR 22 5.0 2mm carbon fibre front shock tower is designed to lower your front CG for carpet/turf racing. Other features include lightly chamfered edges to maintain that TLR factory look while also helping to prevent splitting and an ‘Avid -2’ is machined into the upper support arm for easy identification.

Source: Avid []