April 13, 2017

Team Magic E5 soft & hard shock spring sets

Coming from Team Magic are two new shock spring sets for the E5 series of monster trucks. Available are the white-marked soft and black-marked hard springs that complement the already existing medium hardness offering. All feature an orange coating for looks and corrosion prevention and they come in sets of two.

Source: HRC Distribution [hrcdistribution.com]

April 4, 2017

Team Magic E5-series aluminium body posts

Coming from HRC Distribution are aluminium body posts for the Team Magic E5 monster truck. Machined from high-quality material and coming red, orange or silver anodised the parts add visual impact and toughness while also allowing to adjust the body height to match both the standard and also optional body shells.

Source: HRC Distribution [hrcdistribution.com]

March 28, 2017

Team Magic E5 HX ARR monster truck kit

HRC Distribution have introduced the Team Magic E5 HX ARR Special Version monster truck kit. Based off of the recently announced E5 HX the ARR comes factory-assembled and with a range of option parts such as titanium-coloured aluminium body posts, CNC-machined aluminium shock towers, aluminium big bore shock absorbers, a centre differential set, CNC-machined stainless steel front and rear chassis guards as well as a heavy duty 46T main gear. Other features include a clear bodyshell, a rear wing including tail light and a wheelie bar. Not included are the motor, speed controller, batteries and RC equipment. The truck will hit stores soon.

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March 23, 2017

Team Magic E5 series machined spur gear

HRC Distribution have introduced a machined spur gear for the Team Magic E5 series of trucks. Of a heavy duty design the part is especially useful when running high power brushless motors. The 46T gear is usable with the all E5-series trucks including the new E5 HX.

Source: HRC Distribution [hrcdistribution.com]

March 21, 2017

HRC Racing StreetFighter monster truck tyres

HRC Distribution have introduced the HRC Racing StreetFighter tyres for 1/10th monster trucks. Utilising 6-spoke rims with 14mm hex adapters, the tyres are a direct fit on the Team Magic E5 series trucks but they also fit a range of other vehicles. Thanks to the on-road tread the tyres are ideal for street racing or running on packed dirt surfaces.

Source: HRC Distribution [hrcdistribution.com]

March 9, 2017

Team Magic E5-series aluminium shock absorber set

HRC Distribution have another Team Magic option part for the E5 Monster Truck available, this time in the form of an aluminium shock absorber set. Included are threaded black anodised aluminium shock bodies for easy ride height adjustments, aluminium shock caps for durability, and orange springs for looks. The shocks come as pairs and they are usable on the E5 and E5 HX trucks.

Source: HRC Distribution [hrcdistribution.com]

March 7, 2017

Team Magic E5-series machined bevel gear set

HRC Distribution have introduced a new bevel gear set for the Team Magic E5 series of monster trucks. Machined from high-quality steel and being of 43T/11T specification the gear set is a direct replacement for the standard parts, improving precision, efficiency and durability. Included in the set, that is usable in the front and the rear of the truck, is one diff and one input gear.

Source: HRC Distribution [hrcdistribution.com]

March 3, 2017

Team Magic E5-series 12mm & 14mm hex adapters

HRC Distribution have introduced several hex wheel adapters for the Team Magic E5-series of monster trucks. Machined from 7075 aluminium and sporting a clamping design the adapters are available as 12mm and 14mm variant to allow mounting Team Magic and also after market wheels. The 14mm adapters are a direct replacement for the stock parts while the smaller 12mm variants allow the use of other brand’s wheels. The hex adapters come in sets of four and in silver or black colour.

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