February 9, 2008

Toy Fair – TGR 1/28th scale racer

TGR 1/28th scale

One of the smaller companys at the fair is the Turkish mini car specialist TGR, whose products we have featured previously. Attempting to bring new levels of competitiveness to the mini scale market they had the new 1/28th scale on display at the stand. Replacing the company’s Sinister, this car sports a floating front end and so does away with steering kingpin suspesion, had adjustable ride height, adjustable wheel base and has an all new differential which is driving by a ‘belt’ from the motor pinion to the rear axle. TGR also had a number of other items on their stand including the Sinister, some new bodyshells, setup boards and a neat little discharger for AAA cells that has adjustable discharge rate and final voltage.

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December 30, 2007

TGR Sinister Friction damping system

 TGR Sinister Friction damping system

New from TGR for their Sinister mini scale chassis, is this friction damping system. Unusual in its design, it not only performs damping but also helps keep the front and rear of the chassis level. Additionally with the help of this system you can even remove the rear side springs to gain higher traction when combined with the thicker suspension plates.

Source: TGR [tgr.com.tr]