September 20, 2018

Think RC MTC1.e carbon fibre top deck & servo plates

Think RC have introduced new option parts for their MTC1.e conversion kit in the form of a thinner top deck and new upper servo plates. Starting with the top deck, the part is a thinner version of the updated top deck included with the TH-502 chassis conversion kit. Made from quality 1.6mm carbon fibre the upper deck is ideal for low traction conditions, or when used with the aluminium flex chassis on ETS-style carpet. Also new is the servo mount plate made from 2.5mm thick carbon fibre for increased stiffness. This servo mount plate matches the steering post positions on the chassis plate included in the TH-502 Chassis conversion kit. To run the A2309 steering collars with the conversion kit, owners need this part. The second option plate is a simplified version, removing the floating steering option for a clean and simple look to the chassis. Also made from quality 2.5mm thick carbon fibre to improve the rigidity of the mounting.

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August 16, 2018

Think RC MTC1 1-piece spools & front diff pulley

Coming from Think RC and made for Mugen’s MTC1 electric touring car are a new 1-piece spool and front diff pulleys. Starting with the 1-piece spook, the part has been designed to provide further weight savings over the standard drivetrain, helping to improve steering and drivetrain efficiency. It is available in both standard 34T configuration, and as a 38T variant to go with the Think RC’s 38T Pulley conversion kit.

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August 6, 2018

Think RC MTC1.e drivetrain & chassis conversion kits

Think RC have announced the release of two conversion kits for the Mugen Seiki MTC1 touring car. The first kit is a 38T pulley conversion to improve the drivetrain efficiency of the car. It’s well known that bigger drive pulleys helps to increase the drivetrain efficiency, by reducing the tension the belts can run under without experiencing skipping. For stock classes this is especially important, as it helps to improve top speed. Longer front and rear belts are also provided to work with the larger pulleys. The kit also includes 1mm bulkhead spacers to lift the diffs, which offers improved corner speed over the kit positions. Finally, 1mm lower shock towers are also included. The lower height maintains current shock positions, and have been revised to provide the required clearance for the 38T pulleys. The rear tower also has an update shape for improved stiffness, providing more on-power stability.

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