May 2, 2017

THR B6 under LiPo weight, bulkhead shims & thumb nuts

UK brand THR has introduced three new option parts for the Team Associated B6 series of 2WD buggies. First up is a tuneable under LiPo weight that allows for easy and swift weight gain in a 40g to 70g range by simply removing or adding three separate weight inserts. Cut from stainless steel the weight measured an overall 53x87x2mm and it is a drop-fit for the B6’s battery compartment. While adding or removing weight, the design also makes weight bias adjustments easy courtesy of the placement of the inserts within the frame. The weight can also be used in the Yokomo YZ-2 buggy with a special version for the Schumacher Cougar KD and KC being in the making too.

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February 8, 2017

THR B6-series polycarbonate tower protectors

UK company Tudor-Hart Racing have introduced clear polycarbonate shock tower protectors for the Team Associated B6 and B6D. CNC-machined from 5mm material the protectors fit snugly over the front and rear shock towers using the standard bolts included with the kits. The snug fit also means they don’t get in the way of any front or rear wings that may be fitted. The shock tower protectors are available as a pair or singularly, and will fit the front and rear kit towers for both the B6 and B6D.

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