August 18, 2020

TSP-Racing introduce two new high-power servos

Coming from TSP-Racing are two new high-power servos offering 45kg-cm and 55kg-cm of torque. The T81 BHMW offers up to 45kg-cm of torque and it is IP67 standard waterproof, making it ideal for demanding 1/8th scale on-road and off-road racing alike while the stronger T86 BHM features splash water resistance. Both are housed in sturdy all-aluminium cases with machined heatsink design middle sections and white laser-engraved logos. Both servos are fully programmable using TSP-Racing’s USB PC dongle that allows to adjust parameters such as servo reverse, Sanwa SSR compatibility and overload protection. The needed software is available for free. All-black receiver wires round out the packages.

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May 19, 2020

TSP-Racing Speedcoat ceramic lubricant

New from TSP-Racing is the Speedcoat ceramic lubricant for ball races, ball ends, gears, joints and many other applications. The white dry lube is free of resin, acids, oils, greases, and silicones but uses microscopic ceramic particles for excellent penetrating properties making the lube ideal for all hard-to-reach places. The ceramic particles sit in an alcohol-based solution that evaporates quickly after being applied on metal, plastics or many other material used in RC modelling, leaving an ultra-thin coat that ensures ultra-smooth movement. The lube comes in handy 20ml bottles with the included dispensing needle ensures quick and easy application.

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January 25, 2020

TSP-Racing Zonda GT 1/8th GT body shell

2-Speed from Germany have introduced the new TSP-Racing Zonda GT 1/8th GT body shell usable for both standard and long wheelbase chassis. The advanced competition body shell offers scale looks with performance to match due to refined aerodynamics that ensure a balanced front and rear downforce. The body will fit most 1/8th GT and rally game chassis in standard and LWB configuration due to the special design of the rear fenders, it is currently awaiting EFRA approval and will become available by mid to end of February.

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May 28, 2019

TSP-Racing T80 BHS & T62 BHM servos

2-Speed from Germany have announced the release of the new TSP-Racing T80 BHS standard and T62 BHM low-profile competition servos. Starting with the T80 BHS, the standard-size servo utilises a brushless motor for a torque of up to 36kg-cm at a speed of down to 0.071s at 8.4V input. Steel gears and an aluminium case make for high durability and best possible heat dissipation in long nitro mains. The low-profile brushless-powered T62 BHM is capable of speeds of down to 0.06s and a torque of 15kg-cm, making it ideal for most 1/10th scale applications. Steel gears and an alloy case ensure rigidity and cool looks. Digital technology provodes strong holding torque, high positioning accuracy and quiet operation. Both servos come equipped with all-black wires for a professional appearance and they will become available by mid-June.

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