August 13, 2018

Twister RC T3-01 +1mm aluminium hex adapters

Coming from Twister RC and made for the Tamiya T3-01 Dancing Rider trike are +1mm offset aluminium hex adapters. The clamping-design wheel adapters are made of high-quality aluminium and they come blue anodised and include all needed mounting hardware. Using the offset hexes will increase the overall width of the vehicle for improved rear side bite.

Source: Twister RC []

July 4, 2018

Twister RC T3-01 driveshaft sets

Twister RC have announced the release of two new driveshaft sets for the popular Tamiya T3-01 Dancing Rider trikes. The kits are available with either lightweight, hard-anodised aluminium or more durable yet heavier steel driveshafts with both sets including blue anodised aluminium wheel hex adapters and gold-coloured hardware. Using the metal driveshafts over the standard kit items will improve overall durability and performance.

View the steel driveshaft set here

June 13, 2018

Twister RC T3-01 alloy swing & front axle shafts

Twister RC have introduced two new aluminium option parts for the Tamiya T3-01 Dancing Rider trike. Available now are a front axle shaft as well as a swing shaft with both parts being machined from lightweight yet strong 7075-T6 aluminium. The parts are finished with a hard-coated surface treatment for wear and lowered friction and they are usable on both the kit and RTR version of the Dancing Rider vehicle.

View the other new part here

May 29, 2018

Twister RC Dancing Rider option parts

Coming from Twister RC and made for Tamiya’s popular T3-01 Dancing Rider trike are three new option parts. The range includes carbon fibre optionals such as the Graphite Steering Parts kit and the Graphite Support Arms set as well as an aluminium battery mount post. All sets include suitable hardware and they are direct replacements for the standard kit items.

View the other new parts here