November 24, 2021

Ulti Tires 1/12 spec blue stripe tires

Ulti Tires’ new 1/12 spec blue stripe tires offer great performance for 1/12 spec racing. Mounted on Ulti’s world renowned precise carbon wheels, their consistent and quality foam sports a blue foam stripe for easy recognition of the control tire. The foam compound has been tested over the past two years to be proven the best choice for 17.5T spec racing. Sold in sets (2 fronts/2 rears) to keep cost down, these tires have already been chosen for the Hudy Indoor champs, Full Throttle Champs and ROAR Carpet Nationals for the 2022 year.

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October 14, 2021

Ulti Tires 1/8 GT foam tires

Ulti Tires release their new 1/8 GT car tires made from their well know high grip 35 shore foam rubber. Mounted on precision carbon wheels, foam tires remove some of the worries associated with rubber tires such as exploding or the maintenance of the rubber itself, while also providing increased traction and performance. Sold as a pair.

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October 13, 2021

Ulti 1/10 EP TC foam tires

Ulti tire’s new 1/10 EP touring car tires are made from their well know high grip 35 shore foam. The foam has an approximate diameter of 64mm and are mounted to hard carbon wheels for great precision for wheels that spin true. Great for large tracks where you don’t have to worry about rubber tires exploding or the maintenance of the tires coming unglued. Sold in pairs.

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October 27, 2019

Ulti Invincible RS270 1/12th scale tyres

Coming from Ulti are their new Invincible RS270 high-grade 1/12th scale tyres. Developed for all racing conditions that normally use “X” compound tyres, the new foam compound offers exceptional side bite, without disrupting balance in high-grip conditions. The tyre are available pre-mounted on black multi-spoke rims and in different hardnesses. The RS270 compound can also be used in combination with Ulti’s R277 rubber for even greater tyre choices.

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September 19, 2019

Ulti Tyres UK sign Ollie Payne

Ulti Tyres UK have announced the signing of Ollie Payne to their factory team. Ollie has an already incredible record in what is still the early stages of his professional radio control car racing career. So far Ollie has acquired the titles of the 2018 European Stock 12th Scale Champion, double BRCA Modified National Champion, as well as 2018/19 Arena 12th League Stock and Modified Champion to name only a few. Ollie brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience in RC racing, but most importantly in 12th Scale. Ollie will be working closely with the design team in Japan and the UK to constantly develop the range of tyres Ulti offers and he has the following to say about the deal:

This is an incredible opportunity to be an ambassador of a tyre brand that wants to invest in and improve upon a wheel and tyre that is already a fantastic product. I would like to thank Ulti Tyres UK for giving me this opportunity, and the backing to use their tyres. I can’t wait to get the 2019/20 carpet season started!

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August 30, 2019

Ulti Storm & Invincible foam tires

Ulti have introduced three new compound foam tires for the 1/8th onroad market, the Storm G8, Invincible S11 and Invincible RS170. The entry level Storm G8 tire use a new bonding method and as there is no vertical bonding, the resistance during driving is decreased. Using the G8 compound, the tires come premounted on their strong carbon wheels. The Invincible tires use the same gluing method but a different high grip compound, with the S11 sold on lightweight wheels, while the RS170 is available on both types of wheels and uses a multiple foam layers, 2 for the front and 3 on the rear.

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March 6, 2017

Ulti 01A & G5 traction compounds

Coming from Ulti are two traction compounds for rubber and foam tyres. First up is 01A, a mild tyre sauce that only moderately softens the tyre while keeping the front-to-rear balance and being gently on the rubber, preventing excessive tyre wear. The second new tyre compound is G5 that, from what is understood, is about two to four times as strong as 01A. Both oil-based traction compounds are made in Japan and they come in metal cans for convenient and secure transportation and storage.

View the G5 compound here

November 11, 2016

Ulti 1/12th scale tires

Nuclear 1/12 scale tires

Japanese company Nuclear R/C, the new brand from multiple Worlds Finalist Masao Tanaka, have announced the new line of Ulti 1/12th scale tires. Available in a newly released G compound as well as an updated version of their X compound, they are made from the highest quality foam ensuring high grip in a multitude of different track conditions.

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