July 26, 2022

Ultimate MTS Ceramic competition engine

Ultimate Racing have released their new 3 port .21 Off-Road Ultimate MTS Ceramic competition engine. Made by O.S. Engines and based on their long stroke Spec II configuration, the MTS features a DLC coated crankshaft with two balanced tungsten, modified backplate and 21J3 carburettor to improve performance. The MTS is a great choice for use in nitro buggy and truck applications. This engine provides amazing power and great fuel consumption. It has exceptional low to mid-range torque and a great idling. Also available as a MTS ‘Team Edition’ version. The ‘Team Edition’ concept uses the same Ultimate engines that are for sale, but the engines are assembled directly in our factory, completely broken-in and then thoroughly checked by our competition team to extract 100% of the performance of Ultimate engines. Available as stand alone engine or in a combo set with either a #2141 or a #2142 exhaust system.


May 10, 2022

Ultimate Racing Compak clutch V3

Ultimate Racing have introduced the latest version of the Compak Clutch, the V3. Keeping the same philosophy of a high-performance mounted clutch, all its parts have been redesigned to guarantee better performance and reliability. The flywheel is 34mm diameter and the aluminium shoes have been redesigned, increasing the contact surface with the clutch bell, improving performance, durability and preventing it from wearing the spring and causing possible spring breakage due to friction. The springs has also been redesigned to adapt it to the new shoes using a very heat-resistant material and thus avoid possible breakage. The clutch is available as a complete and assembled set including flywheel, aluminium shoes, springs, nut, cone collet and shim. They also have a combo with the UR Ventilated Z13 clutch bell with bearings.

Source: Ultimate [modelixracing.com]

April 8, 2022

Ulimate MXS Ceramic engine

Ultimate Racing have introduced the follow up to the successful M3X engine with the release of their new 3 port .21 Off-Road Ultimate MXS Ceramic Competition Engine. Like its predecessor, the MXS is made by O.S. Engines and it’s based on their square stroke Speed B21 Ty Tessmann II edition engine but has some modifications on the crankshaft as well as on the back plate to improve performance. This engine has more power and returns to idle way better than its predecessor. The cooling head has been redesigned and while not as low as the B2102 lower profile, it is lighter so it keeps the center of gravity as low as the B2102 but improving its performance on high temperatures. The backplate has been updated to improve the gas flow going to the piston and improving engine efficiency and performance. The crankshaft of the MXS is an evolution of the DLC B2102 but with two balanced tungsten in order to increase the inertia to rotation. Also available as Team Edition and combo with the EFRA 2141 or 2142 pipes.

Source: Ultimate [modelixracing.com]

February 24, 2022

Dakotah Phend joins Ultimate Racing

Modelix Racing is proud to announce that, through its US distributor Beach RC, Dakotah Phend is now a Factory Team Driver of the Ultimate Racing brand. Phend will be using the full line of products on all of his vehicles. The first race for the 2022 season will be at the world-renowned Dirt Nitro Challenge in Perris, CA this weekend. Phend will be using the M-3X in his nitro buggy and the M-5S in his Nitro Truggy. He will also be using all the tools, pit equipment and oils in shocks and diffs for all his rides.

Source: Modelix Racing [modelixracing.com]

November 11, 2021

Ultimate Racing 1/8 offroad insert rubber rings

New from Ultimate Racing are these useful 1/8 offroad insert rubber rings. Manufactured to fit into each of the insert’s grooves, once fitted the insert is practically fixed to the rim. In this way, the insert is prevented from moving laterally, improving stability in fast corners. It also prevents the insert from ballooning making the car much more stable under acceleration. They can be used on most inserts, wheel brands and compounds, but their effects are greatest on soft compound tires. Depending on whether you want the insert to be more or less fixed, they can be used in all three grooves, in two or only in one. They are sold in bags of 50 pieces so that you can assemble from 4 to 12 complete cars depending on the amount of rubber bands used per insert. Once the life of the tire is over, they can be reused as many times as you want.

Source: Ultimate Racing [modelixracing.com]

November 4, 2021

Ultimate 2142 one-piece offroad exhaust

Ultimate Racing have presented their new EFRA 2142 super strong one-piece offroad exhaust system. The pipe has been welded to the manifold to improve performance providing a precise and linear throttle response in high RPM range with a great top end speed. This exhaust system is a great choice for your 1/8th off road engine and it’s specially recommended for the M3 and M5 lines of Ultimate engines. This exhaust system comes supplied with the pipe, 2 medium springs, 2 long spring and 2 manifold gaskets.

Source: Modelix [modelixracing.com]

July 6, 2021

Ultimate Racing M5S Ceramic ‘Team Edition’ engine

Ultimate Racing have introduced the ‘Team Edition’ version of their previously released M5S Ceramic engine. The ‘Team Edition’ concept uses the same Ultimate engines that are for sale, but the engines are assembled directly in their factory, completely broken-in and then thoroughly checked by their competition team to extract 100% of the performance from the engine.

Source: Modelix [modelixracing.com]

November 25, 2020

Ultimate Racing MBX8 upper arm & front wings

From Ultimate Racing for the Mugen MBX8 are some new aerodynamic attachments. First up is this clear lexan front upper arm wing, an aero option that attaches directly to the front upper arms. This tuning option helps to increase front end grip and traction at higher speeds, while helping to improve the front/rear balance in the jumps. These wings are feather light and include lightweight machined mounting brackets that create a strong and lightweight mount for installation. The front wing replaces the front nose-cone on the vehicle with a front wing design that has shown to produce enhanced steering characteristics. The front scoop includes 2 pieces per package, so a driver has enough to outfit their nitro and e-buggy with the same package. This wing provides increased feel and sensitivity in the larger sweeping sections and helped jumping attitude in the tricky jump sections.

View the front wing here