April 13, 2018

UREE B6.1 aluminium waterfall & pitch damper

UREE from Japan are currently working on an aluminium waterfall and pitch damper set for the Team Associated B6.1 buggy. The waterfall will be of a slim design to take an optional slim fan unit in order to improve motor cooling while the upper pitch damper improves drivability in a range of track conditions. No word yet on a release date but we are keeping you posted.

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March 16, 2018

UREE touring car pitch damper unit

Japanese company UREE have introduced their new centre pitch damper for some of the most popular electric touring cars. The damper was originally designed for the latest generation of 2WD off-road buggies but now also found its way into modern day touring cars where it acts as a brace between the servo mount and motor mount – a task that is normally carried out by a fixed linkage, metal or carbon fibre brace. The damper however will make for a smoother transition between coasting and acceleration, resulting in improved car control especially when running modified motors. The damper unit is available now in three different length for the Yokomo BD8 2018, Xray T4 and Infinity IF14/Kyosho TF7.7.

Source: UREE [uree.blog.jp]

October 28, 2017

UREE 1/10th buggy drive shaft boots

Japanese company UREE has introduced a pair of drive shaft boots for 1/10th off-road vehicles. Made from very tough yet flexible silicone material the boots are designed to protect the outdrive and driveshaft pin area from the influence of dust, dirt and moisture while keeping grease in at the same time. The result is a longer parts life especially in extreme environments and the boots fit the Team Associated B6, B6D, B64 and B64D, Yokomo YZ-2CA, DT and DTM, Xray XB2 and XB4, Kyosho Lazer and Ultima as well as other kits.

View the boots fitted to a B6 drivetrain here

August 31, 2017

UREE 2WD buggy carbon fibre slipper pads

UREE from Japan have announced their new carbon fibre slipper pads for a range of 1/10th 2WD buggies. Made from resin-coated carbon fibre the pads will enhance traction for improved acceleration and forward bite while also making for a more aggressive brake control. The plates are available in different variants to fit Team Associated’s B6-series, Yokomo’s YZ-2CA/DT/DTM and also Kyosho’s Ultima and Lazer series of vehicles.

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