July 14, 2020

Volante V8T touring car rubber tyres

Volante have introduced their new V8T touring car outdoor asphalt tyres. The production of the Volante V5-36R, V7-32R, and 36R tyres had to face the problem of limited raw material for several months with the shortage having affected all major tyre manufacturers. As a result Volante opted to change the focus on the development of a brand-new asphalt tyres series – the V8T. The project combines several updates that started with the creation of a newly formulated rubber compound. The main goal was to produce a tyre that demonstrates longer durability and a reliable performance regarding grip and control. The new V8T series of tyres integrates a newly formulated tyre compound with an ultra-thin yet durable inner belt. The result is a more balanced tyre that provides consistent lap times from the beginning till the end. The V8T is available in 24R, 28R, 32R and 36R compounds, remounted on dish or 7-spoke rims.

View the 7-spoke wheel here

November 23, 2019

Volante Super Precision 7-spoke wheels

Volante have announced the release of their new Super Precision 7-spoke wheels for 1/10th on-road rubber tyres. Realistically looking the precision-moulded rims set themselves apart from the usual dish rims and allow to build more scale looking wheel sets. The rims come in sets of four and are usable with most of today’s 1/10th touring car rubber tyres while also being available as pre-glued wheel sets utilising the new V7T rubber.

Source: Volante [volantetire.com]

November 22, 2019

Volante Bronze asphalt Tire Traction

Volante have announced the release of their new Bronze Tire Traction compound especially developed for the use in low to medium grip conditions. The tyre sauce is usable with both rubber and foam tyres and it will provide exceptional traction without accelerating tyre wear. The odourless formula of the traction compound allows the use at indoor tracks and it comes in large 40ml applicator pen bottles.

Source: Volante [volantetire.com]

November 20, 2019

Volante V7T Revolution touring car tyres

Coming soon from Volante are their new V7T Revolution touring car rubber tyres. The latest evolution of the popular tyre range will become available in 32R and 36R rubber, pre-glued on white dish or realistic 7-spoke rims and also as non-glued dish wheel variant. All sets include four wheels and they will hit stores soon.

View the spoke rim variant here

May 31, 2019

Volante introduce new Formula tyre rubber compounds

Volante have announced the release of new rubber compound variations for their popular 1/10th scale formula tyres. The front tyres will become available in a new yellow dot soft compound, the softest front tyre yet, making it a total of five different soft to hard compounds for the front. The rears will see the addition of the new white dot Revolution soft compound which is understood to be the softest available, ranging under the hyper soft double pink rubber. All come as pairs, pre-glued on large diameter black multi-spoke rims.

Source: Volante [volantetire.com]

January 26, 2018

Volante Mini pre-glued rubber slick tyres

Volante have introduced their new Mini series of pre-glued rubber slick tyres for Tamiya M-chassis and similar cars. The tyres come pre-glued on white zero offset multi-spoke rims and are available in soft 24R, medium 30R and hard 36R compound to cater for carpet and asphalt racing alike. The tyres come in sets of four and will hit stores soon.

Source: Volante [volantetire.com]

July 27, 2017

Volante 1/10th formula tyres & side wall stickers

Volante have their all-new line of pre-glued 1/10th formula tyres available. They are of a low-profile design for greatly improved overall performance and a new look and they come mounted on black multi-spoke wheels. Available are medium-soft, medium and hard compound front as well as medium-soft asphalt, soft asphalt and soft carpet rear variants. Also coming are 4-piece sets of side wall stickers in a multitude of colours.

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