March 30, 2020

VSR Products Unicorn VRC Pro adapter

VSR Products have introduced a new adapter that allows to use the popular VRC Pro software using any 4-channel 2.4GHz receiver. With the current Corona pandemic tracks have been forced to close and people need to stay at home as much as possible meaning racers are looking for alternatives to getting some laps under their belts. This is where the old and trusted VRC Pro RC racing simulator kicks in. VSR Products Unicorn PC adapter supports 4-channel operation which means owners can setup marshalling, refuelling and other functions with the buttons on the radio and do not have to touch the keyboard. In addition the adapter offers higher frame rates and lower latency compared to the original VRC adapter. Not included are the needed receiver and Micro USB cable.

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January 15, 2020

VSR Products B74 angled fan mount

VSR Products have announced the release of their new angled fan mount for the Team Associated B74. It mounts onto the top of the carbon plate for the centre diff/slipper and its design allows clean access to the battery terminals while making sure it limits the contact with the B74 body. The 3-D-printed mount fits any 30mm fan and it is available now.

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July 30, 2019

VSR Products Tekno 1/10th wing shims

Coming from VSR Products and made for Tekno RC’s 1/10th scale buggies and trucks are two different height wing raiser shims. Available in 5mm and 7mm thickness the shims will improve rear end grip while also allowing for more consistent cornering. The 3-D-printed wing raisers are available separately and they include longer countersunk mounting hardware.

View the 7mm wing shim here

June 20, 2019

VSR Project Thor wireless transmitter battery charger

Coming from VSR is their Project Thor wireless transmitter battery charging system. Designed for the use with induction charging capable transmitters, such as the Sanwa M17, but also an upgrade for many standard radio systems, the charger set includes the charging station as well as a transmitter battery pack and wireless receiver unit that will be housed in the transmitters battery compartment and that allow “touch-less” charging. The charger unit will be custom-build by VSR to match the respective transmitter while coloured LED units allow for further customisation. The charging unit is USB powered and it will charge a fully discharged battery in about three and a half hours. For more details on the system, check VSR’s website here.

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June 17, 2019

VSR Easy Diff Builder tool

VSR Products have introduced their new Easy Diff Builder tool that fits all common 1/10 scale ball differential components 3/32” or smaller. It is designed to hold all of the diff balls in the main compartment, and then allows them to pour out the track in a single file line. VSR recommend tipping the Easy Ball Diff Builder over the greased diff gear, and tapping lightly on it to allow only one ball to exit at a time. Diff balls are not included of course.

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June 12, 2019

VSR Products NB/EB48.8 wing shims

VSR Products’ popular 1/8 scale wing shims are now available for the Tekno 1/8th scale platforms. The addition of the 7mm or 10mm wing shim elevates the rear wing of the NB48.4 or EB48.8. Raising the rear wing creates more downforce and stability at high speeds and on large jumps, and has worked well on large high-speed and bumpy tracks. Raising the wing allows it to create more consistent downforce, thus making a more consistent car throughout the corner. Both 3-D-printed shims come with two metric screws to replace the stock ones, and offers a tuning option between no shim and the VSR 10mm shim.

View the 10mm wing shim here

June 6, 2019

VSR Products 8ight-XE battery protector

VSR Products have announced the release of their new 3-D-printed battery protector for the TLR 8ight-XE 1/8th scale electric buggy kit. The guard covers the centre diff gear and prevents it from rubbing on the battery during heavy impacts – all while helping stop rocks and debris from getting jammed in the gear mesh. The stock screws are used to mount the guard onto the top of the centre diff top plate, however the guards is only usable with the diff gear located towards the back of the chassis. The guard is 3-D-printed with carbon fibre reinforced plastic, providing exceptional strength and longevity.

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June 3, 2019

VSR Products 8ight series diff shim set

VSR Products have announced the release of a diff shim set for the TLR 8ight-X and XE kits. The set comes with a 1mm and 2mm shim along with four M4 screws to replace the stock ones. Raising the rear diff is extremely beneficial when running on smoother tracks with medium to high grip with lower ride heights; allowing for faster lap times to come easier in such tricky conditions. It can also be useful on tracks with tight corners. To get the most out of this setup, VSR recommend raising the inner camber link 1 to 2mm, along with shortening the rear shock length by .75mm or more.

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